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Best Cat Food For Older Cats

Best Cat Food for Older Cats

Like humans, as they get older their bodies start to break down over time. Because of that, owners of older cats have often begin to search for a better food formula to give their cats to ease them into the aging process. Giving them a better start into those “senior years” by getting them the best cat food for older cats will help them live a long and more comfortable lifestyle.

Aging in Cats

Most people think that the age process of cats is about 1 year of them is about 7 of ours. After study it turns out that cats at about 1 year old are the age of a teenager. 2 years, they are about 25. Once cats hit about 12 (which is about 60 in human years), their age that is comparable to humans starts to slow down. At that point it starts to be 1 cat year to 3 human years. Cats hitting 20 years old are equivalent to humans being over 100.

So it’s safe to say that not every cat is lucky enough to make it to 20 years old, but as the owners, we can do our best to get them there in a comfortable way by starting out with their diet. Diet is everything, especially in age.

Specific Need Formula Vs. Older Formula

One common misconception when getting cat food for older cats is picking the wrong one. It would be much beneficial to your cat where if they have a specific aliment (common UTI’s, arthritis, etc) that we tailor their diet to that versus tailoring it to their age.

So when you are looking for the best cat food for older cats make sure that their “aging” issues aren’t in fact a symptom of something bigger and that should be looked at by a licensed professional.


One of the biggest issues we see as owners when our cats get older is weight loss. Overall, by the age 12 about 50% of cats are underweight. Being under weight can become an issue because it usually means they aren’t getting the adequate calories they need to keep their bodies healthy. In turn, this opens the door for even bigger issues down the road.

Best Cat Food for Older Cats

It’s believed that one of the issues for weightloss is because their appetite dies down or their sense of smell isn’t as strong. One way to try to overcome this is by getting the best cat food for older cats. It means gets quality food that is filled with calories and flavor making the decision to eat a much easier one.

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