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blue buffalo foodBest Cat Food 2016

I think we all can agree that we only want the best for our cats. So when it comes to picking out the best dry cat food 2016 we want to make sure that it is not only the healthiest, but also tastes just as awesome. One wouldn’t want to spend money on a product only to find out that your cat isn’t even going to like it.

There are certain things we do want to look for when deciding which best dry cat food 2016 we want to purchase. These things vary from taste to price to ingredients.

Quality Control?

The FDA nor the USDA require any sort of quality control for cat food products which means these companies aren’t held accountable for what is in their product like human food is. This means we, as owners, are left with the job to make sure that our pet is receiving the best dry cat food  2016 by being informed on what is on the label.

What to Avoid

While we all want to give our pets the best dry cat food 2016, we may not know the very names of what we should avoid. Here are a couple of key ingredients to avoid:

  • Artificial Ingredients: This would include anything that is not “food”, mostly colorants or dyes. This are not even healthy for human consumption so why give them to our pets?
  • By-Products: this is the remainder or leftovers of the said meat on the front package. Not really met, but rather everything else.
  • Proteins of Corn: This is a rather fatty filler and does not do much for the health of your pet.
  • Potatoes: Potatoes are high in sugar and can lead to sugar related illness later on down the road.
  • Grains: This includes wheat, rice, barley, etc. If grains are in the 3 of the top 5 ingredients it is not premium cat food. Grain are high in gluten and will not benefit your pet long term.

Premium Cat Food

Overall it’s best to put your pet on premium cat food. This specific food is designed to help your cat absorb the proper nutrients their body needs. The best dry cat food of 2016 gives a balance of minerals and vitamins that are vital to your cat’s health and well being.

Carnivore Diet

Premium cat food should offer meats in the first several places of the ingredient label. If you are seeing any corn, soy, or other ingredients this is not a “premium” food.

Cats, by nature, are carnivores. This means that their diet does need to include a more meaty substances. Meat contains a good fat that helps regulate the cat’s diet. Avoid those “bad fats” and carbs that are easy fillers for cat food. When you are reading labels for the best dry cat food make sure a type of meat is the first ingredient. That is how you will know you are getting a premium diet for your cat.

Cat Food Subscriptions

Amazon has always been a great company to buy cat food through. One of the best things they offer is a subscription for your cat food. This means that you sign up to automatically have cat food sent from every month to every 6 months, depending on your needs.

This saves you time and money!

No longer do you have to worry about making sure you have cat food in the house– have it automatically sent to make your life easier and save money on shipping with Amazon.

Dry Cat Food Reviews

The bottom line is that finding the best dry cat food 2016 for you cat may take a couple tries. All cats react so differently to different kinds of food. This can be within different breeds of cats or even within the specific cat. When you are looking at the best dry cat food reviews we take into consideration that no matter what we recommend it comes down to what works best for your cat. Make sure you take that into consideration as well.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Cat Food

Blue Buffalo is a cat lover’s favorite when it comes to cat food. With the variety they provide and the quality of their products it’s no surprise that they are so well loved within the cat community.

Along with the great vitamins and minerals that are contained in this food the process of being cooked at a lower temperature for a longer time so that is retains those vitamins a lot better to create a healthy formula.

Best Cat Food for Hairballs

The reviews are only filled with nothing but great stories of the health once they switched to Blue Buffalo cat food. Customer’s rave about the shine that has returned to their cat’s fur. They don’t have as many vet visits. There has even been claims of flea control while on this best dry cat food. This will also be one of the best cat foods for shedding and the best cat food for hairballs.

Long Term Savings

This is not one of the cheaper diets, but the long term cost is significant compared to being on a cheaper formula and possibly having a rise in vet costs.

With absolutely no animal by-product, soy, corn, wheat, or artificial ingredients making this one of those higher premium best dry cat food. You can bet that Blue Buffalo will be showing up several times on our website as it’s quality is hard to deny.

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Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-Free Dry Cat Food 2016

Dry Cat Food Reviews

This independent company based out of the Midwest offers another great variety of premium cat food. They believe in providing a healthy cat is empowered with healthy and natural ingredients. And I couldn’t agree more.

Omega 3 & 6

With all the vitamins and minerals a cat needs provided in this diet they have even gone as far as to add Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to add health and shine to your cat’s coat.

Not to mention the antioxidants that maintain and boost the immune system.

The first 4 of 5 ingredients are meat based and will provide great protein for your cat’s carnivorous diet. And with the grain-free promise you won’t have any of the those useless fillers.

Eating Less, Saving Money

When you offer your cat the best dry cat food of 2016 they eat less. Using a cheaper feed increases their need for more nutrients meaning that they eat up eating more (thus, filling up the litter box more too).

When you offer a more premium diet they eat less but still get the much needed vitamins and minerals (and saving that litter box usage as well).



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Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Trout

Salmon Meal and Tuna Formula Dry Cat Food Review

Natural Balance believes that bringing cat back to their natural state of carnivorous eating. The salmon, tuna, and trout meal in this diet gives your cat just that. With these high quality meats and unique proteins your cat will be receiving some of the best dry cat food out there.

Freeze Dry Raw Meats

One of the more unique aspects with this dry cat food review is the freeze dried raw meats. This gives your kitty that natural taste that they would encounter in the wild.

Great for All Aged Cats

Another great thing about this best cat food 2016 is the fact that this formula is great for any aged cat. It is the perfect balance for any cat from kitten to senior.

I love the uniqueness this company provides with their food. They really understand the true nature of what cats want in their diet. With availability in different sizes, go ahead and give it a shot— your cat may thank you in the end!

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Hill’s Science Diet Adult Grain Free Cat Food

Dry Cat Food Reviews

Science Diet has always been a favorite for us personally. My cat had issues with crystal in her urine but ever since starting Science Diet she’s been doing great.

One of the best things about Science Diet is the various options that they offer— but in the best dry cat food and the best canned cat food.

So Many Options

They offer so many different options that target your cat’s specific need: best cat food for hairballs, best cat food for sensitive stomachs, best cat food for weight control. The list goes on. It’s so nice to see those options and know that if you ever encounter an issue with your pet in one of those area that Science Diet cat food can take care of them.

Helps Those Problem Areas

So many people, including myself, have seen so many great things comes from Science Diet— anywhere from helping with urinary health, to chronic stomach issues so it’s easy to see why this best dry cat food brand is a favorite among our fellow cat owners.

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