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Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

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Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

Do you have one or more beloved kitties residing in your home? Are they special little family members that you want to be sure have everything they need to be happy and healthy? Even with that love and concern, are you tired of having to refill the cat food dish all of the time?

If so, then the automatic cat food dispenser just might be the thing you need. By getting one of these for your household, you can make sure that your kitties have food to eat whenever they are hungry. This way, you never have to worry about a missed feeding.

Never Forget Again!

In families with multiple people, it can be difficult to keep up with whether or not the cats have been fed. Quite often, people may think that someone else has already taken care of feeding the animals, leaving your furry little animal companions hungry and wondering why everyone left for the day without providing breakfast.

However, you will never need to worry about that if you get an automatic cat food dispenser. With one of these, food is delivered directly into the bowl to replace what the cat eats at each meal. With some of the more basic styles, the food is simple fed by gravity. In order to meet consumer needs, other styles have been created.

Healthy Portion Sizes

For instance, you may want to know that your cat has only a certain amount of food each meal even though you don’t want to serve it out or are not always home to do so. In that case, you can get an automatic cat food dispenser that will deliver a measured amount on the schedule that you set up.

If you decide upon one of these, your cat will learn the schedule and know when to expect meals. This is a perfect solution for those who have rotating shifts in their work schedule or are out of town overnight sometimes. This can provide greater security for the animal and allows you to prevent overeating.

Best Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

Taking care of your cat is a great responsibility that is rewarded with warm purrs and affectionate kneading that warms the heart and spirit. If you want to be sure that you are doing a good job of making your feline friend happy and well-fed, you should get an automatic cat food dispenser. You will only need to refill it occasionally and your cat will love you for it!

Petnet SmartFeeder – Automatic Pet Feeding with your iPhone

If you are looking for the hippest and hottest cat food dispenser, this is it! The biggest feature, that I can’t seem to get over, is the awesome sync connection with your iPhone.

That’s right. Feed your cat through your iPhone!

Portions Sizes and Times

This best cat food dispenser portions our meal sizes and the times of feeding all by the quick, easy touch of your iPhone (sorry, android products not compatible at this time). You can schedule feedings several days out so you never have to worry about forgetting to feed your cat again.

This awesome dispenser also holds up to 5-7lbs of dry cat food so you don’t have to worry about feedings and refilling their cat bowl every day.

Easy Cleaning

The removable food hopper bowl is great for easy cleaning as it is machine washable. And the stainless steel bowl is great for not having to worry about breaking or cracks.

The sleek and clean design is perfect for any human, especially the busy ones, looking for an easier way to remember to feed their pet. Often times life gets a head of us and our fur babies are the ones to suffer…. no more! This is a super easy, quick, safe way to keep your cats on a great feeding schedule to help with their optimal lifestyle diet.

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PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed 12-Meal Automatic Feeder

Another great automatic cat food dispenser from the same company as our previous auto food dispenser review. This one is a little more low key for those of you that aren’t quite as comfortable with the technology side of a cat food dispenser.

This one is equally as good and it great for keeping track of those scheduled feedings. It is very dependable and will do a great job keeping your pet on a cycle.

You can schedule up to 12 meals a day with flexible portion sizes ranging from 1/8 cup to 4 cups. But the best part is that any sizing over 1/8 dispenses the food slowly to prevent over eating, which is great for those cats that like to eat fast and get sick.

Both Dry and Semi-Moist Food

What’s different about this best cat food dispenser is the fact that it can accommodate dry and semi moist foods are varying sizes. If you have one cat that prefers moist and one that prefers dry, this cat feeder is a great compromise for both.

Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

This is a great automatic cat food dispenser that gives you various options without being over complicated. The quick set up, easy cleaning, ad battery powered features are great for clinching how great this product is and will last for several years with lots of great use.

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Crown Majestic Diamond Series V3

If budget is what you are worried about, check out this best cat food dispenser. It’s great for those that are still wanting to provide great, healthy meals for their cats on a scheduled basis, but without the higher price tag.

Water AND Food

Another great thing about this cat food dispenser is the fact that serving water is apart of its job description. This makes it super handy for having both the water and the food in the same area.

The simplistic program is great for dispensing portions from 1/4 cups to 2 cups.

The detachable water bottle, drinking bowl, and extender container are great for easy and quick washing.

Best Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

If you are looking for something that is easy enough to use and has the quality to provide great, fresh food for your pet then this is a great product for you and your cat. Don’t forget to water or feed your pet anymore with this handy automatic cat food dispenser!

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