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Cat Insurance Review


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Cat Insurance Reviews

I think most of us can agree that the cost of healthcare is on the rise to the point where it’s a gamble if you have it or not. Pet healthcare and insurance is no exception.

In fact, I would be one to say that having unexpected pet costs can be one of the most devastating things out there– both for your finances and your love for your pet. It’s said that your pet has a 33% chance of becoming a victim of unexpected surgeries, sickness, and injuries.

So how to do we go about fixing that? Preparing for those untimely instances?

Pet Insurance.

It is a newer commodity that is available and is becoming more and more affordable.

Spending as little as $14 a month can give you that peace of mind you’ve been looking for so why gamble any longer?

That’s why I created Cat Insurance Reviews.

How does it work?

With the PetPlan Insurance company you are reimbursed for the cost of the treatment. That reimbursement is anywhere between 80-100% depending on what plan you decide to go with! That’s right, you get to choose! How great is that?

It’s just that easy, get treatment, file a claim, get reimbursed. PetPlan does a great job making it that easy for the client.

What does it cover?

There are 2 different coverage types– one for cats and one for dogs. But since this is a cat centered website let’s go ahead and cover the one for cats. The insurance covers the following:

  • Hereditary, congenital and chronic conditions
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Prescription medications
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Alternative and holistic therapies
  • Non-routine dental treatment
  • Surgery
  • MRI, CAT scan and ultrasound imaging
  • Specialist treatment, including cancer treatments and more

I think that is pretty great coverage if you ask me!

What about preexisting conditions?

There are 2 different types of preexisting conditions– curable and non-curable. Some of those curable ones which include UTI’s, bladder infections, respiratory infections, etc. are considered curable and you will be able to find that this insurance covers that but may be subject to a waiting time frame.



This gives you coverage of up to $10,000 in pet fees. Whether that be injury, illness, or surgery. And it being the most affordable plan you are still able to go ahead and choose your reimbursement (80-100%) and your deductible ($50-200 per visit).


The Silver plan includes $14,000 and also gives you the benefits of boarding fees, advertising and rewards, and loss due to theft or straying— up to $250 per item. And like the Bronze plan you are also able to choose your reimbursement and deductible amounts.


The highest plan and the one that gives you the most benefits is the Gold plan. Starting with a coverage of $22,000 in vet fees this plan also include boarding fees, advertising and rewards, loss due to theft and straying are bumped up to $500. This plan also includes death from illness/injury and vacation cancellation of up to $1000.

Why Wait? Sign Up For The Best Cat Insurance.

With it’s easy to use system for choosing your plans, why would you wait any longer to jump aboard for that peace of mind? PetPlan does a great job making that reassurance affordable and without the hassle of plan paperwork. Plus, if you sign up online you receive a 5% discount!

But if you are still not convinced go ahead and click the link below for more information!

Click here to view the Petplan Pet Insurance


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