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Best Cat Scratching Posts

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Best Cat Scratching Posts

If you own a cat, you more than likely also own what is called a cat scratching post. These are either very small cylindrical units covered with some type of carpet or material that your cat can scratch, whereas others are extremely large, allowing them to play on them and even sleep at the top.

Although we have all seen cats scratching one of these post, we may not know exactly why they do this. This article will address the purpose of cat scratching posts and why cats need to do this regularly.

They Scratch To Improve Their Claws

One reason that cats will scratch on a scratching post is that they can get their claws into the fibers of the carpet and, by constantly scratching, remove the outside layer of their claws. In the same way that humans will use a nail file for their fingernails and toenails, this is what cats do for their claws.

In the past, before cats were domesticated, they actually needed to climb up and down trees. This would naturally keep their claws sharp, and a scratching post is essentially the modern equivalent of this activity that was created over the millennia.

Allows Them To Stretch

In the same way that people stretch, especially if they have been sleeping and lying in a very uncomfortable position, they will want to stretch the muscles and this is what cats are also doing when they stretch out on a scratching post.

You will probably see them latch on to the fibers, and then bend their back, stretching as far as they can go. This is their way of delivering up, and a scratching post is perfect for this because of how it can hold their claws in place.

Marking Their Territory

Although this is probably not what they are doing with the scratching post, in that they already understand that it is theirs, in nature a cat will scratch an area to mark it as their own. They have scent glands in their paws which allow them to deposit this substance onto a tree, the ground, or wherever they happen to be scratching, which other cats will smell and realize is claimed territory.

These are just a few of the reasons that cats absolutely need and love scratching post. At a very basic level, cats like to play. It’s a great way for them to exercise, climbing up and down the scratching post if it is large enough, and in regard to their health, it is to help sharpen and improve their claws.

If you have a cat, and you don’t have a scratching post for them, this will be something that they will absolutely appreciate in their very aloof and mysterious ways.


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