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GPS Tracker for Cats Reviews

Is your cat a wanderer? You spend endless hours worrying about them? Maybe even days if they are super curious. Then the weather turns bad and you really wish you knew where they were so they can take shelter inside where it’s safe and warm.

Worry no longer.

The GPS tracker for cats is exactly what you need.

And now, they are more affordable then ever so spending that little bit of money on that safe and sound feeling is now completely worth it.

How Does it Work?

Thanks to our technology these days we have a great working GPS system that is now available for things that they never used to be used for.

Basically, how the GPS tracker for cats works is that you have a smaller device securely attached to your pet’s collar, and once it’s sync’d to your smart phone or device via an app, you will be able to monitor your pet’s movements anywhere– in some cases, across the world. How cool is that?

Important Features

Along with the GPS tracker, which is by far the most important thing, there are also other awesome features that would be a great benefit to your pet’s health– activity level, a secured zone, speed levels, etc. All of these levels can be tailored so you will be notified if any unusual activity is being displayed.

Who is it for?

Are you or your cat someone that can benefit from an awesome product like the GPS tracker for cats? I believe those that will most benefit from this are those that have to work full time, those that travel often,  or even for those cats that tend to wonder outside pretty far, or a sickly cat that needs constant monitoring.

GPS Tracker For Cats

Overall, I think a lot owners and pets could benefit from from a the best gps tracker for cats. Maybe it’s not something you are really looking at now, but it is always good to have options in case you do  find yourself in a place where you need to keep a better watch over your pet.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

For our first GPS Tracker for cats reviews we are looking the the Tractive GPS. This is the newest and most advanced technology available for these kind of GPS trackers for cats.

Along with being light weight and water proof, it is also the smallest GPS tracker for cats available on the market today. This is a great quality to have for pet’s as it seems that they can get themselves in situations where the tracker can break or get lost due to their largeness of the product.

The live positioning for your cat is great for reliable real-time location tracking. No more being worried of wondering where exactly your cats movements are in the case of being lost or stolen.

  • Also works for kids, people, cars, suitcases, etc…
  • Recommended for pets above 4.5 kg (9 pounds)

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker


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