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Current Amazon Deals!

Have you ever wished you could get free 2 day shipping? Sometimes that is the breaking point of me buying anything online. I HATE paying for shipping. It’s just me for some reason.

Until I got Amazon Prime.

No longer do I go through the site looking for the lowest shipping costs. Because now most of the products are eligible for free *2 day shipping*! How awesome is that?!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to become a Prime member yet, now is the absolute time to do that. You can sign up now and receive a FREE 30 day trial in which you can cancel at anytime. Amazon is awesome that way.

What are you waiting for!? Hope on over and do it! Don’t miss out on these sweet deals! Here is a summary of what you can expect with a Prime Membership.


  • FREE 2-Day Shipping:  This is probably my favorite part. I have saved SO MUCH MONEY because of this option. And not to mention TIME. It’s so nice to count on my order being in my mailbox only 2 days later. Forget sister’s/brother/mother/father/grandmom/I could go on birthday in at the end of the week? Amazon to the rescue.
  • FREE Same-Day Delivery within 14 Metro Areas:  If you live in one of the larger cities and for some reason just can’t get out of the house— this is a life saver. Especially if you are sick or taking care of someone that is sick. Awesome option.
  • FREE Unlimited Streaming of Movies/TV Series (with over 10,000 titles):  Do I really need to explain this one? Awe-some!
  • FREE Music:  No annoying ads. What?
  • FREE Photo Storage:  Storage space for all those photos you want to keep off an unreliable computer? Here’s the answer.
  • FREE E-Books: Access to over 500,000 book titles.  Anytime. For free. Amazing.
  • Early access to deals,  membership sharing perks, and not to mention PRIME DAY…

So get ready and sign up below!

Click Here to Start your FREE 30-Day Trial


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