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Enclosed Cat Beds

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Enclosed Cat Beds

The cat’s natural habitat is mostly cave dwelling, so the idea of getting enclosed cat beds is not far from it’s natural state. Although it doesn’t have the sticks, grass, or leaves like a cave, it still gives that private feeling cat’s yearn for. Having some sort of hooded bed really helps cats trap the warmth to provide the ultimate resting spot.

A box style cat bed offers the most versatility of all the cat beds. Along with being a cat bed it also has the option to change into a cat litter box if you find that your cat isn’t fond of the idea of using the box as a napping place. These are very sturdy products and often you will find them out of stock because of their demand. These boxes are mostly made out of wood to withstand the day to day usage. You can add your cat’s favorite pillow to personalize it. It is especially handy because the durability and versatility offers a place on top to store or display your cat’s other accessories.

Pod Cat Bed Review

The pod probably offers that most cave-like feel by it’s design. The one I will review is super handy because it is able to unzip and be used as just a half pod. It may not be as soft or fluffy as some of the other enclosed cat beds, but it does have that darker environment if you find yourself with a feline that prefers the darkness.

The Best Canopy Cat Bed

If I were a cat this enclosed cat beds would probably be my favorite. If you mixed a hoodie and a cat bed this would be the result. These kind of beds are perfect for your most lazy cat. It’s made out of the softest fabric for ultimate comfort. This is also one of your easier cat beds to wash. Just throw it in the wash then allow to air dry. Less time having to worry about cleaning and more time snuggling with your furbaby.

The Warmest Outdoor Cat Bed

Perhaps you have a cat that loves to be outdoors but you are always worried about the elements it may face. This would be the cat bed for you (and your cat). These particular beds are made to brave the strong winds, rain, and cold. The tested and proven design helps your cat stay comfortable outside the way other structures would not.

 Micro Velvet Canopy Cat Bed

This beautiful burrow-like enclosed cat beds is made from the softest micro-velvet fiber. It’s perfect for those cats that just like to cuddle up underneath blankets on a cold rainy day. I love this cat bed so much I wish they made one for adults!

Lush Sherpa

Made with luxurious sherpa to lock in warmth for those cold days leaving your cat feeling rested and comfortable. It is 18inches around and 3inches thick of polyfill for added protection from the cold.

This cat bed also has a very low maintenance benefit. You can take the slipcover right off, throw it in the washer with a mild detergent, and then let air dry. You can’t get much easier than that for pet beds.

American Made Product

As an American made product it has 4 available colors for your choosing. All while keeping in mind that each one is made with the same quality materials. So choose a color that will bring an added brightness to your living area.

Because of it being a plush bed you will have a problem with a lot of cat hair accumulating. That is the one downside. But it being so easy to wash it makes up for the sticky hair.

Perfect for a Rainy Day

This wonderful enclosed cat beds is about as cozy as it comes. It’s beautiful and made with quality materials. Imagine yourself being a cat and just needing a warm cozy place to sleep, would this not be the most perfect place for you to take such a nap?

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Mod Dream Pod Cat Bed

Are you looking for a cool and modern type of cat bed? This enclosed cat beds is pretty cool! It has modern and convenience all rolled into one. With it’s universal design gives you both an enclosed AND an open cat bed.

Unique Bowl Design

This enclosed cat beds unique bowl design is one of a kind. The top unzips to give and open bed. Otherwise just keep the top zipped up and your cat will have a cool dark place to sleep. The large round opening is perfect for any size cat and makes it super easy for entry and exit

Plush Pillow

Inside the bowl is a plush lycra interior. Also included is an an easy to wash pillow. This pillow is filled with polyfill to give your cat the ultimate comfort it desires.

It does only come in 2 colors unlike the other products we have been viewing. This would be the biggest downside if you aren’t a fan of brown or green as your choices. But the brown one does give a very natural color that will blend into most households decor.

One Year Warranty

This product is backed by it’s one year warranty so not only are you getting a quality product, but just to go a step further they are giving that added reassurance.

Perhaps you aren’t too sure if you want an open or an enclosed cat beds for your cat. If that is the case you need to seriously consider this one as it has both of these features. Plus the fun and simple design just begs to be apart of your home!

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 Outdoor Cat House

Perhaps indoor cats aren’t your thing or maybe allergies or landlords prevent that from happening. Whatever the case, if you live in a place I do you have several cats calling the outdoors their home. How about giving them a specific place for them to call home in this cozy outdoor cat house.

Warm Beds for Outdoor Cat

Developed to withstand many of Mother Nature’s nastiest elements, this outdoor home will keep your kitty warm and dry. Designed with an elegant cat shape appeal it will stand securely and firmly while still being light enough to move from place to place.

With its specific design it allows for air to circulate throughout the entire house. This helps make sure that they warm air in the winter doesn’t get trapped at the top leaving your cat a little more uncomfortable that needing to be.

Best Outdoor Heated Cat Bed

Also available for purchase is warmer insert. Made with a soft and insulated fleece it will be sure to keep your cat warm even on the coldest of days. Although it may not actually be heated, the circulation and the warmer insert allow you to save that electric and offer a safe, warm enclosed cat beds.


 Is it worth the price?

One negative feedback for this enclosed cat beds was that it seemed to be a little high in price. While a person could very well just get a cat cage for a much lower price to place outside they don’t offer the same benefits that are listed here.

So that leaves the decision up to you on what would work best for your situation. If you have a cat that you are very invested in and you know will enjoy a home like this, spending the money is only a short term sacrifice for a well built long lasting comfortable cat house.

With the nasty winter we just had I’m sure that many cats appreciated a nice warm place to call home, even if it wasn’t exactly inside a home. Little things go a long way for cats that live outside. Do your good deed for the year and get your outdoor cats a comfortable reliable enclosed cat beds to call home.

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