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Luxury Cat Beds

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Luxury Cat Beds

If you spent 16 hours a day sleeping you’d want to make sure that it is comfortable, right? So while we want to call this article our luxury cat beds article, really, are we being too dramatic to call it such? Like everything else it comes down to your personality and your cat’s personality. You want to make sure the money you put into these beds are going to be well spent.


These are the up and coming luxury cat beds. Super sleek and stylish while still leading a hand to being comfortable for those lazy 16 hour cat naps. The specific modern cat beds I will be reviewing come customizable.

You can choose the colors and type of fabric to fit your home style. They even have unique graphics to apply to the side of the bed. The padding is also removable which is super handy for those washes.


I’m not gonna lie, if I were a cat I would totally love to get a heated cat bed. I am not a winter person in the least (sorry all you snow lovers). So for me, any amount of money for a product like this would have me. These are also perfect luxury cat beds for your older cat, perhaps an arthritic cat.

It will really help keep them warm and comfortable. It would also help kittens, especially if you have a rescue kitten that is maybe too young to leave momma yet? Super handy if your hands are full and they need to have somewhere to nap.


Perhaps your taste is more leans more towards comfortable. It doesn’t matter too much of what it may look like, you just want something that your cat can cuddle up with and be able to sleep for hours on. The cat bed I am going to do a review on will be just that— soft, comfy, and snuggly. So much so that you may find yourself get cozy with it.

Smucci Too Custom Design Pet Bed

This screams luxurious, does it not? Being able to say you picked out every aspect of your luxury cat beds doesn’t come often in the world of cat thing. So when one comes across that is so uniquely customizable it’s hard to pass up.


This beauty is, like I said, for fully customizable from the paneling, to the feet color, to the bed color, to the bed frame. The interchangeable panel on the back of the bed is perhaps one of my favorite features. On this one specifically you can change between the dots and stripes to be displayed on your cat beds.

2 Sizes Available

The bed itself is in a perfect hug shape for extra added comfort and style. Two sizes are available for purchase– small (16×11) and medium (24×15).

Easy Maintenance

The bed itself is easy maintenance and can be wiped down with just a damp cloth. The pillow with minky fabric can come off the bed and is able to be machine washed with mild detergent and dried with low heat.

One downside is that the sizes for the bed are pretty specific. If you have a cat larger than 15lb you are going to want to get the larger bed. But the larger bed should be able to fit most average sized cats. So that is something to be aware of when trying to decide which size bed to get.

This beautiful modern cat beds is great for those cats that you love to love on. It’s just screams queen kitty, does is not? But who can really blame them when it is something so beautiful and comfortable.

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K&H Thermo Kitty Window Sill Perch

Have you ever wished to have a heated bed? Something so warm for the winter that you should never have to leave it? Let’s sweeten the deal by placing is right next to a window. Can you picture it? Good. Now your cat is now able to have one!

Perfect for Windows

This is a great design. I just wish they made one for humans, I’d never leave my house again. With it’s nest like shape it makes it hard for even the most active cats to leave. It easily snaps together and is used to be placed right next to a window sill for added entertainment. Included are decorative brackets that helps supports the 40lbs it’s been tested to.

With it’s 6watt dual temp it is able to hold steady at 12-15 degrees above air temp. This means that your cat gets to enjoy 102 degrees of heated pleasure while in use.

Orthopedic Foam

It’s 14×24 oval shape creates for a perfect size for enjoyment and makes it a luxury cat beds. And the orthopedic foam (making it a perfect bed for arthritic cats!) it’s made with creates an even bigger utopia. Plus, an added benefit is that the faux lambskin cover is machine washable.

Just like with anything having to do with electric, you do need to be careful with it’s usage. You want to make sure that is kitty isn’t using it to turn it off, especially for those summer months.

Enjoyment in the Little Things

Watching your kitty on a heated bed will warm your heart. No? Ok, maybe that’s stretching it. But in any case it will make your cat comfortable and maybe even entertained especially for those lazy ones out there. So go a head and get your cat something they will love…. and be jealous of them the whole time!

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Hugger- Pink Shaggy Cat Pillow

You can’t tell me that this cat bed doesn’t look comfortable. Doesn’t it? I could cuddle up with it right now. So soft and fluffy! So if you cat is one of those that you can’t keep off your brand new sweaters you may want to check this luxury cat beds out.

Luxurious Faux Fur

Made with divine faux fur in varying colors you can pick one that matches your, or rather your cat’s personality. It’s one piece design is super helpful in keeping out those gross dust bunnies. There are no hidden pockets to attract dirt or dust.

Double Stitched Seams

The down like polyester fibers make this luxury cat bed what it is. The comfort starts in on the inside. And for qualities sake the whole thing is double stitched on the seams to keep the bed in great condition for years to come.

There are 3 sizes available for you to choose from:

  • Teacup (21″ Diameter & up to 10 lbs)
  • Standard (27″ Diameter & up to 30 lbs)
  • Large ( 34″ Diameter & up to 50 lbs)

Would you like a bone with that?

Also available for purchase is a bone, ball, and blanket. Each one matches to the product to give a complete set. This is a very unique option that you surely don’t want to miss out on.

The one downside is that there is no slipcover so washing may be difficult if you have a smaller washer or if you choose the largest size of the pillows.

But it can be machine washed in cold water and then let air dry. It may not prove to be an issue for most of you, but it is just something to consider when making a purchase like this.

Luxury Cat Beds

This is a great pillow for someone that likes to have their pet near them or travels a lot. It’s great to just grab and go. It gives your cat a place to sleep, a home away from home if you will. Security is a huge thing in the pet world, so having a bed he or she can rely on would make this a great purchase.

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