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Best Litter Box Reviews


Whatever you find your plight to be it may have helped to check out a few reviews to determine. which was going to be the best litter box. For kittens, for older cats, for multiple cats, or for odor control.

This article show you the ropes, show you want is the best. Which one has the best ratings. Which one is going to be the most accurate in your situation.

Best litter box for kittens

When trying to choose a litter box for kittens one of the biggest things you want to keep in mind is the height of the sides. A small kitten is just not big enough to climb over those tall walls.

Training a Kitten

Now, if you have a very small kitten that is just learning to litter box train then even something as small as a frisbee turned upside down or a foil bake pan with enough litter to cover the bottom would suffice.

But once your kitten is used to the litter box and where to use the bathroom, you will be wanting to move up a size. But not too big where the kitten is still having trouble getting in.

The last thing you want is to give a newly trained kitten an excuse to not consistently use the litter box. This could be a very bad habit that will be difficult to break.

For this I am recommending this litter box as the best.

Lucky Champ Litter Pan

The biggest thing that makes it the best litter box for kittens or best litter box for older cats is the low side on the front. This creates the easiest access for those cats. In fact, it almost has a sort of step in the front.

Litter Box for Older Cats

Perhaps you have a cat that is injured or is an arthritic cat this would additionally be a great litter box for them as well.

To compensate the back has a much higher side so to help keep litter inside the box. This could also prove especially helpful if you have a cat that likes to kick litter around a lot.

Another added benefit is that is comes with a removable handle in case you find yourself needed move the box around quite a but. Additionally, the taupe color of the box is a beautiful color to blend into any home decor scheme.

Litter Box for Large Cats

With the dimensions being 9.5 inches (4.5 inches in the front) x 25 inches x 16.75 inches this makes this a great litter box for larger cats as well. It’s been said to be the ideal litter box for Maine Coons, Bengals, and any other larger cat.


It’s safe to say this will be a safe bet if you are looking for the best litter box for kittens, older cats, larger cats, basically any cat. The ratings are through the roof on this particular box. And while you are at it, go ahead and pick up the beautifully designed canopy and mat.

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Best Litter box for Multiple cats

When it comes to choosing a litter box the 2 of the biggest things you are going to want is size and odor control. The trick if finding the right box that will do both for you. With twice as many cats you have twice as much odor, so let’s do all we can to prevent that.

This next litter box is the one I hope will do the justice it needs for this situation.

Favorite Cat Litter Box with Rim Extra Large

This litter box gives us the best of both worlds. With the size big enough for multiple cats and larger cats and a hood to help prevent odor I’m placing my bets on this one as a great litter box for multiple cats.

Unique Design

It’s unique design helps prevent against that nasty dirty litter find it’s way outside of the box. Plus, the non-stick material helps with cleaning and preventing sticking to the sides.

Great Litter Box for Large Cats too!

Measuring in at 25″L x 19″W x 16.5″H, with a side entry space of 8.5″W x 8.5″H this makes it a versatile box for many cats. Many of the problems one has with hooded litter boxes is not being large enough for their cat to get through.

But with the Favorite Litter Box it’s a size that fits most cats while also giving plenty of size for multiple cats as well.

Hooded Feature

The hooded aspect of this litter box is great. The clear look gives that protection against odor and litter escaping but also gives the privacy most cats yearn for. And with the top being clear even helps those picky cats that like privacy but don’t like the darkness.


This would make an awesome litter box for those cats that may be above average in size or if you have more than one cat. Having a large litter pan is very important for the health of you cats and also so you don’t have to clean the litter box every time they go (unless that’s your thing). The reviews are clear that this one is a good one to check out and seriously consider!

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Best Litter Box for Odor Control

Preventing odor is a big deal. Even without the litter box odor having that pet odor in the house is hard enough to contain. So let’s try to make it easy for you to control the litter box smell. If your budget doesn’t allow for a self cleaning litter box (which would be the best way to take care of odor), the litter pan in the review will be your next best thing.

Catit White Tiger Jumbo Cat Pan, White-Black

This Catit litter box I have found is one of the best ways (if not THE best way) to help that odor from taking over the house. Not only does the hooded top allow for privacy and keeps those smells in, but the 2 way door is an awesome feature as well.

2 Way Door

The 2 way door is definitely the selling feature for this box. With holes throughout the door to give a little bit of needed air for the litter box, it really helps keep that odor from not escaping into your living space.

Odor Eliminating Cartridge

Another way to help keep the odor down is having that odor eliminating cartridge on top of the box. This help filter the bad smell while still allowing for air to come through and not stuff up the litter box. If the smell gets too strong in there is likely your cat will not use the litter box, so let’s not let them use any excuses to do so!


With the size being 22.4 inches length x 17 inches width x 18.3 inches height and the door opening: 10.4 inches height x 9.6 inches width it gives you a pretty good idea on the size. You are definitely going to want to measure your cat to see if it will be big enough for him/her. But it’s a normal size, if not on the larger side for larger cats. Overall this would be a great litter box if you are looking to control odor.

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Best Litter Box for All Cats

I’m sure you are wondering that now we have reviews all these different boxes what are the chances we can get all these features in one? Here’s your answer, my friends. This would be the best litter box for all cats. The ideal box that does it all. Short side for easy access, large for multiple and large cats, and odor controlling.

Favorite Covered Litter Pan

There are so many great things about this litter box that it’s almost like I saved the best for last! This is a really great box that compliments so many features of our previous litter boxes.

Litter Box for Kittens

The lower entrance side really helps with getting in and out for kittens and older cats. Like we discussed before it’s very important to have that lower side available for easy access. Cats are hard to train to do tricks, so let’s not stop them from doing one of the couple things they can do.

Litter Box for Multiple Cats

This is a really nice big litter box. It is a great size for those larger cats and those that have multiple cats. The larger entrance gives a way for those bog cats to get through. And even though it is hooded the inside is incredibly large to give a nice roomy space.

Litter Box for Odor Control

The hood not only gives a large private area, but also keeps in those nasty odors. It is also equipped with a door for added odor control.

Other Cool Features

Some other neat things is the way it is portable. The handle on the top of the hood makes it easy to move around easily. Whether you are moving the box from one room to the other all the time or if you are just moving it to vacuum around it sure is handy (no pun intended) to have that handle.


By all account this is the best litter box, or one of them at least that will give you great satisfaction. It is always hard to judge when you are reading a review or looking at product online to try to judge how well it will work in your home, but from what I can tell of this box, it’ll be hard to disappoint.

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