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Best Self Cleaning Litter Box

Best Automatic Cat Litter Box Reviews

If you are like me, time is a privilege. There is never enough of it in a 24 hour period. When you are a pet owner that time get divided into smaller parts. And some of that time is doing that unwanted chore of cleaning the cat box. What would you say if I could take the yucky part of pat ownership and decrease it?

There were only a couple years in my entire life that I didn’t have a cat by my side. So when I was a kid I had a cat that I was in charge of, along with her came the chore of cleaning the cat box. It was not my favorite, to say the least. I learned very quickly how to plug my nose internally as I dug through the box daily. Ha. Memory lane there.

You would not believe how much my 8 year old self would have loved to have the  automatic litter box.

When picking our the best automatic kitty litter box there are a couple things to keep in mind. These are the things I have also kept in mind while writing the best self cleaning litter box reviews.

Power for Self Cleaning Litter Box

There are several ways to power the best self cleaning litter box. One of the most popular I’ve seen are a power cord. Which means you are going to be needing to be close to a power outlet when you are deciding where to put the cat litter box. By looking at some cat litter box reviews it seems that those whose power is a 120V DC have the best reviews.

Other option is batteries. Which is awesome so you can move the self cleaning litter box wherever you want; in a closet, hidden in a chest, small utility room. Just be sure to have enough replacement batteries on hand.

Along with most of the battery operated self cleaning cat boxes comes a AC adapter so that you can plug it in if you need to. Sometimes those adapters aren’t as easy to hide or handle, so definitely keep that in mind.


Other important aspects to think about with the best self cleaning cat box is the frequency of disposing waste. Some of these boxes require dumping every other day, others can go as long as 20 days! The average is about 7 days though.

Along with disposing waste there is a frequency to cleaning the unit. In order to keep your cat box working well and not accumulating stink it is important to clean the whole box for optimal performance.

Cleaning Cycle

It’s important to not set our expectations to high when it comes to the best automatic kitty litter box. Just like anything perfection can’t be guaranteed, but there are definitely some units that are better than others. Ones that have a reputation for being the best self cleaning litter boxes and others not so much.

Automatic Litter Box for Multiple Cats

This factor comes into play with the cleaning cycle. The frequency of the machine taking care of the waste and in the specific manner definitely rates higher. Of course the settings on certain ones are available. But the cleaning can range anywhere from 7 minutes to 30mins. an automatic litter box for multiple cats you are going to want a longer time rate just because the frequency is higher.

Best Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews

Of course there is tons more I could talk about when it comes to automatic kitty litter boxes, but I’ll just go ahead and discuss more specific aspects within each product review.

Litter Robot II Bubble Unit – Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box

 You want the best? Here it is. This is hands down the best automatic kitty litter box. Granted it comes with a higher price tag, but it’s been said to be well worth it.

With it’s circular shape it’s designed in such a way that it works like a cement mixer. After the cats are done it’s use several minutes go by then the automatic cleaner quietly turns the bowl and disposes the waste into a tighter sealed box beneath the globe.

The Best Automatic Litter Box for Multiple Cats

It’s made with the most durable of materials which allows for long lasting use. It’s also said to be the best automatic litter box for multiple cats as well. In the long run it saves on the tons of kitty litter.

Easy to Use

It’s looks a little odd shaped and like it may not be the easiest for your feline to use, but coming from owners that have used it quite a long time that is the least of the issues. The cats seem to adjust to it accordingly and have zero problem with the smaller space.

If there does happen to be an issue a simple light bulb inside the globe seems to work. Apparently some cats don’t care for doing there business in the dark.

Fix it and Forget it

Basically the only maintenance that needs to be done on a daily (or maybe even every other day depending on how many cats you have!) is to throw in a cup full of litter to keep up the supply. Actually disposing the waste from the underneath compartment only has to be done once a week! How’s that for low maintenance? Especially since this is the best automatic littler box for multiple cats as well.

Best Self Cleaning Litter Box for Odor too!

Because of it’s unique design it allows for a tight sealed compartment keeping those stinky smells under wraps. The only time you ever have to worry about that smell is when you are taking it from the box to the outside garage. Sounds great to me!

Automatic Cat Litter Box Review

There really is no reason to wait to buy this bad boy. Yes, the price may be a little steep, but everyone that has one has said it’s the best money they have ever spent and they would do it again in a heartbeat. So beat those nasty smells and get the best self cleaning litter box!

Click Here to Buy the Litter Robot II Bubble Unit – Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box

ScoopFree® Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Perhaps the previous best self cleaning litter box was a little too pricey for you. If that’s the case, check this one out! This litter box is a great alternative for one that may just be out of your price range. And the good thing is you don’t have to sacrifice quality for the cheaper version.

30 Days Later

This litter box is more standard than the previous globe like litter box. But the way it works is similar. After your cat uses the box the waste is combed into a hooded compartment to keep the foul smell under wraps. The way this box is designed allows for up to 30 days between cleanings the self cleaning litter box.

Crystals for the Automatic Cat Box

The one thing that you may have to consider is that this box uses special crystals, which means that regular litter is not available for use. These special crystal filters help absorb the moisture to allow for this litter box’s full potential. The refill packs vary but can be found HERE for only $41 for a 3 pack. Going ahead and doing simple math tells me that it actually evens out if not gives you a better deal that what a regular littered cat box would do (after the initial cost of the automatic cat box, that is).

Adjustable Rake Delay

Another added bonus to this box is the adjustable rake delay. This is especially awesome if you have a couple cats using one box. Adjusting the rake delay to a higher setting allows for machine to not get overused and keeps it running longer. This would make it one of the self cleaning litter box for multiple cats.

Overall Review

This would be a fantastic self cleaning cat box for purchase. It does the job, and does it well. You are left with a fresh smelling home and not having to worry about the waste but for once a month (of course, again, depending on how many cats you have). You save money with buying a less expensive box plus the usage of litter each month.

Bonus: Check out this awesome video on how it works!!

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Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

Yet another awesome automatic cat box right here. This one works quite like the Scoop Free litter box with the rake and compartment for the waste. It’s been given great reviews so it makes it a sure product not to pass over.

Comes with Bags and Filters

The researchers have spent a lot of time together to get this box just right for your cat’s needs. And one of the best parts is that it comes with 6 months worth of bags and filters so you don’t even have to worry about it for that length of time.

Best Automatic Cat Litter Box for Large Cats

Out of all the boxes we reviewed this one is definitely most like the regular cat boxes. It also gives cats a lot more elbow room to move around if you perhaps have a larger cat. It usually goes hand in hand that the best automatic cat litter box for large cats is also the best automatic litter box for multiple cats.

Use Your Own Litter

Another plus for this box is the fact you CAN use your own favorite litter. No worrying to buy refill packs online or in store. Just grab the litter your use currently this also helps with the adjustment period for switching over as well.

Best Automatic Cat Litter Box Reviews

This would be a great cat box to get. It’s one of the more affordable options plus gives you the option to use your own litter if needs must. It’s perfect for multiple and larger cats as well. Go ahead and give this one a try!

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