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Cat Condos for All Cats

As I sit here putting together this site I realize that there are a ton of different kinds of cats out there. We are dealing with kittens, older cats, special needs, healthy, and everything in between.

And because there are so many different needs out there we need to make sure we are matching the specific needs to the specific cat condo. This gives benefit to both the cat and the condo.

Many cat condos are very plain and basically look like apartment towers. But as the industry grew there was a lot of demand for condos with toys, condos with scratching posts, and much more.

As part of my job I want to make sure we are providing reviews for those that have specific needs. As owners, we love our babies and we want the best for them, I just want to make sure I am doing my part to provide that for you.


They are young and fragile. Most times they are timid and scared trying to get used to this new wide world. So we want to make sure we have a condo that helps them achieve advancements in life while still giving them comfort to relax. There are plenty of options when it comes to finding such a product.

Arthritic Cats

These precious pets need a lot of care and attention but also space so they can feel their strong independence as well. A cat with special needs like arthritis really don’t need to much fluff and stuff like a younger kitten would. But it’s still important that they are able to use a scratching post and stretch those muscles while still keeping them as comfortable as possible in their bed.

Declawed Cats

Even if you have a declawed cat, it is still important that they have access to a scratching post. Cats still have scent pads in their paws, even if their claws are removed. These scent pads are stimulated when using the scratching motion to help the cats “mark their space”. It helps a cat relax and stretch those muscles. It is not recommended that you declaw your cat because it because takes off the top knuckle on their paws, but if you have a rehomed a cat that is already had the procedure done then this is good information to know when going to pick out your cat condo.

I will go over certain products I feel would fit these situations, give you an opportunity to read the research I have done on the matter and my conclusion to picking these products.

Tom Cat Condo with Tub

I choose this Tom Cat Condo to review for kittens, even though it can certainly be for larger cats, for multiple reasons. My first reason was for it’s size. It’s smaller than those larger condos out there.  The second reason is because there is just enough to do on this condo to help the kitten learn basic life skills.

The unit itself is 16” in diameter and condo 14” tall. The top tub is also 16” as well. Overall the entire condo is a perfect 27”.


The cut out is larger for those larger cats or soon to be larger cats. Inside the enclosed condo is beautiful plush carpet perfect for snuggling and napping. Your kitten will surely appropriate being able to have a comfy place to relax and take those long cat naps.

Sisal Scratching Post

On the side there are posts which are perfect to add sisal rope to for a small price. This would be perfect for your growing cat to keep their claws sharp and healthy. Another offering for this condo is catnip mice for your cat’s enjoyment. Save your time heading to the store and order them online with this condo!

No Assembly

One of the best parts is that the condo comes fully assembled. So put those tools away, you will not need them for this product! It is great to just open the box, pull it out, and let your cat begin playing.

There are 13 colors to choose from and they ask that you give a second option for your color choice. I would say that is the only downside- that there is a chance you wouldn’t be able to get to have your first color choice. But, like I said, there are 13 colors to choose from and are all equally beautiful.


This is a beautiful, simple cat condo that would be perfect for your growing kitten. It’s not too overwhelming, but still gives your cat options to either sleep, scratch, or sit on top and look around.


Click here to view the Tom Cat Condo with Tub

Single Story Cat Pagoda

For our arthritic cats I chose the Single Story Cat Pagoda. It’s an adorable little cat house that is perfect in so many ways. Besides, how can one resist such a cute little house for cats.

Quality and Comfort

With solid wood and thick plush carpet you have a lot to benefit when it comes to dealing with an arthritic cat or an older cat. Comfortable carpet is a huge deal with you have a cat that is hurting from moving too often. Plush carpet will give your cat the comfort he can’t find elsewhere.

With solid wood you don’t need to be scared that the unit will start falling apart with a lot of use, especially use in the same areas of the condo.

Versatile and Moveable

Being so close to the floor is another benefit since arthritic cats or older cats can’t jump like they used to to reach those higher 2 story condos.

Also because of it’s smaller size you are able to move it a lot easier, perhaps move it from room to room if you need to?

Place it on a desk, shelf, or end table where you can be close to help them?

Perhaps you are one that is able to bring their cat with them on road trips and needed something to bring for the road?

This condo is perfect for that.

It comes in 5 different colors you can choose from. Each one having a beautiful richness to it. It also comes fully assembled so not need to worry about getting out those tools for this.

Need a Heated Bed?

Now if your cat is so arthritic that they would need a heated condo or bed I would recommend the one I reviewed on this page. There aren’t too many cat beds out there that have the heated option, but the one I have found I highly recommend. I wish they made one for adults!

There is no doubt that this would be an excellent bed for your cat. Even if your cat is not arthritic it is an excellent condo to have around for kittens, adult, or even older cats. It’s a perfect size to carry your cat throughout their entire life. This is one of the best condos for arthritic cats and older cats.

Click here to view the Single Story Cat Pagoda

2 Story Cat Cavern

This is a lovely 2 Story Cat condo. I picked this one for our declawed cats for the biggest reason of having a scratching post right on deck there. Along with it’s beautiful plush carpet and 2 story option this makes it a great option for any cat and especially for declawed cats.

Scratching post for declawed cats?

This large 20×20 condo comes with a sisal rope scratching post that covers 2/3’s of the post. It is a great height even for those larger cats. You may not think it’s important to have scratching post for declawed cats, but I can tell you from personal experience that it’s important.

I adopted an adult cat from a family who had already been declawed and she still finds a way to use her paws to destroy things. Once I got her a scratching post that all stopped. I’m not a veterinarian so I can’t tell you for sure why this is the case, I just know what worked for us.

2 Stories

This unit, like was stated before is 2 stories, each story has a diamond cut out for maximum movement from level to level.

This is especially important when you have declawed cats since they aren’t able to climb up a condo like they normally would able to.


Quality Products

The condo itself is made from great quality products, but the solid wood to the plush carpet. There are no toxic materials, like glue or adhesive, on this product and the manufacturer takes great pride in that.

This is a fantastic product that offers a lot. It’s beautifully made and will add an amazing feature to your already awesome home. Give your cat a condo that will benefit them in so many ways.

Click her to view the 2 Story Cat Cavern


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