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Best Cat Condos for Large Cats


Cat Condo Reviews

If your cat isn’t into the fluff and frill that cat trees or other cat furniture then a cat condo (or also known as tower) would most likely be recommend for your feline. Although they may be plain jane these towers are pretty sturdy and offer a very comfortable relaxing place.


These products comes in all shapes and sizes— and that includes carpet colors! There is a wide variety based on your own home carpet or your taste, or both! One important part to the carpet is to make sure you get a style that has loose ends and is not looped. Looped carpet tends to get stuck in kitty’s claws, so that wouldn’t be good.

Hole Type

They offer many different type of hole cut outs. So far I’ve seen– diamond, circle, square. And even some cut outs that are constructed to the type of cat condo you get. Producers get really creative with their cut outs. Another thing to consider is the size of the cut outs. If you have  a big cat, make sure you get a big enough hole for them. Some smaller cats prefer a smaller hole for hiding purposes so it’s important to look at the hole size to make sure your kitty is going to fit in there.

Click here to view the Tom Cat Condo- 4 Story

Large Cat Condos

The size of the tower is another consideration especially with a heavy cat. You are going to want the best cat condo heavy cats. You are going to want something that is also large enough to hold your cat and sturdy enough to keep your cat comfortable. The wide the cylinder is the more sturdy of a tower you are going to get. The higher of a tower to get the wider you want the cylinder.

Also, be thinking about how many apartments compartments you are going to want to have. You will want one for each cat and perhaps an extra ones just some the cats don’t feel too close to each other.

Cheap Cat Condo

Although you may want a cat condo for cheap you also want to make sure you aren’t going so cheap that the product doesn’t last. Especially since you are looking for a cat condo for large cat you want to make sure it’s going to be make of quality material to withstand a heavy cat.

We will discuss each of these points in the reviews to make sure you are getting the best cat condo for large cats.

Double Cat Tower

This cat condo offers a new modern look that is so popular these days. With it’s square shape it is sure to allure those with a more contemporary feel. Not only will it give you a great look for your living area but also be a fantastic place for your cats to relax and enjoy their time.

Built to Last

Made with solid wood gives an added benefit of being able to hold even those heaviest cats. It is important to have solid wood versus a plywood or particle wood so you can be assured that the product is going to last a long time with so much usage.

Sisal rope lines the top of the condo so your cat can have the option to use that as a scratching post rather than your new bed frame you just bought. Sisal rope is perfect for using as a scratching post to keep those nails healthy and strong.

Levels of fun!

There are 2 enclosed levels on this tower measuring 17 x 17 x 30. The openings are a very large size with makes this one of the best condos for large cats. The top level can also be considered as another perch as cats love sitting high on top of furniture looking outside of a window or throughout the whole room.

You can choose from beautiful and vibrant colors. This product comes mostly assembled and only requires a short 3 minutes assembly. Also, this is an American made product which I know is a huge factor for some of our fans.

Is this one the for you?

Now, this cat condo does offer a place to sleep and a place to scratch but if you are looking for something that is going to keep your cat a little more active I would recommend one of the cat trees. This is a fantastic tower and would be a great addition for your cats, but activity is just something to consider.

This a great, well made cat condo that would be great for those large or heavy cats. Your cat would have a nice large area to rest without getting in the way of adult movement. I can attest to tripping over my cat once or twice! Your cat will enjoy hanging out in this beautiful new home.

Click here to view the Double Cat Tower

 Tom Cat Condo

This is another strong and sturdy cat condo that is great for large or heavy cats. In fact, this would be great for multiple large cats as well. It’s your standard simple cat condo with the durability you can depend on.

Cat Towers for Large Cats

This tower is 36 inches high  and about 16 inches in diameter. It had 3 different enclosed levels perfect for sleeping in with all that plush carpet surrounding it. The top level is also a very comfy and cozy level that can be used to hang out and look around.

Diamond Openings

The diamond shaped openings are great for maneuvering between the levels. Plus, they are large enough for even one of the bigger cats to fit through. The cool and dark inside is great for those 16 hour daily cat naps.

No Assembly

Another benefit is that it comes fully assembled so no need to worry about getting those tools out to put it together. Just open the box, pull it out, and allow your cats to have fun! They will love not having to wait and you will love not trying to put together something with cats climbing all over your assembly progress.

This cat condo was also featured on the TV show “My Cat from Hell”. In the show the host is able to introduce this product to help the owners with some cat training.

Also, this cat tower is available in several different sizes of levels just like the one displayed at the top of this page. It just depends on what your cat prefers or how many cats you have at home.

Is this the one for you?

Like I said in the previous review, this is a cat condo purely for sleeping and resting. If you have a cat that is more active and would need more things to play with I recommend one of my other reviews to check out to see if that would be better suited for your cat. But if you have a lazy cat or perhaps one with health problems or is an arthritic finding the best cat condo for those cats is important as well in which case check out cat condos for all cats.

Whether you have a cat that likes to sleep most of the day or rather just sit on on top of a condo to check out the scenery this would be a great cat condo for large cats. If gives they stability and durability that you can depends on for many years to come.

Click here to view the Tom Cat Condo- 3 Story

The Beach House Cat Perch

This one is probably my favorite of this set of reviews. I saved the best for last. This is a beautiful beach setting type of condo. It comes with so much room that your cats will lounge and relax in comfort.

This is an amazingly made cat condo perfect for larger cats. It comes in 2 different styles to choose from both containing plush quality carpet.  It is 32 inches tall, 17 inches deep, and 24 inches wide.

Custom Made

There is plenty of room for those larger cats and even for multiple cats… or multiple large cats! It is beautifully crafted and would be an amazing addition to your family room. This product is custom made perfectly for your liking so expect 14-21 days before it ships.

The large opening and perches allow for a lot of movement. The opening are outlined with a beautiful window like look giving it a feel for a real home. The top level is also ideal for looking out throughout the room or out the window.

No Particle Board

It is made from a lightweight plywood for the sides, but real solid wood for the bottom and levels. There is absolutely no particle board used with the making of this cat condo. The reason they chose to go with a lighter wood in some places was for the weight factor and perhaps some of their buyers would prefer to be able to move it more often then they would a heavier product.

Cat Condos for Big Cats

So if you are preferring a product for more of a solid base you may want to check out the 2 other reviews above. But be assured that it has been said that there previous buyers of this product have raved of it’s quality so it seems to not pose too much of a problem. If you are buying a cat condo for big cats you want to make sure it lasts.

This is a high quality product with a lot of talent and uniqueness put into it. It will surely be a great addition to your home. Not to mention, your cat will love a place to sleep in style and comfort.

Click here to view the Beach House Cat Perch



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