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Unique Cat Condos

If you think that cat condos are just towers without any of the fluff and stuff, you are mistaken. Producers have come a long w

ay with making cat condos more than just a relaxing place for your feline, while being unique at the same times.

These days unique cat condo are coming with scratching posts and toys to keep your cats attention. Some of these condos even look exactly like an apartment complex! There are some super creative people out there that are making these products.

Scratching Posts

When it comes to scratching posts it is one of the most needful things you can get for your cat. They need these items so they can stretch their paws and claws. It also keeps them from taking their claws to your furniture, curtains or other items you wouldn’t want damaged.

One thing you need to think about when you are picking out a scratching post is what kind of rope is it made out of. You are going to want a sisal rope that is oiled, but non-toxic. A quality rope would be 3/8”. A cheaper rope, which would not hold up as well would be 1/4”.

Another thing to make sure of is the height of the scratching post. You want it to be tall enough that your cat can really reach and stretch those claws and their muscles. The more you accommodate your pet in this area the less likely they are to scratch things they are not suppose to.

I really had this problem with one of my cats, but after taking these considerations into account I was able to eliminate this problem completely!

Click here to view the Deluxe Lighthouse Cat Tower


Toys are very helpful for a cat’s paw/eye coordination. It helps them obtain that talent that they can later use for hunting. It also helps get out that energy a indoor cat might have, or perhaps a cat that is indoor bound for the winter. When it comes to the type of toys available you really don’t have to worry about anything special. Just as long as your cat likes it.

Cool Condos

While doing my research I have found several really cool enclosed condos. These are very creative and something I would not even expect to buy. But lucky for us, these products are out there for our pleasure! From ice cream trucks, to lighthouses, to jails, the possibilities are almost endless with what is there to offer.

I will guide you to through some cat condo reviews that I think will fit your taste along with your pocketbook.

I’d like to point out that this page took me a little while to put together for reviews. There is quite a bit out there that just does not meet quality standards. I was finally able to find something I think will be of great quality while still fitting in with some uniqueness.

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Kitty Cat Hacienda

The first unique cat condo I am reviewing is the Kitty Cat Hacienda. It’s simple, but different. It’s shape is unlike other condos I have seen. It sorta of gives a rustic Spanish villa feel, hence the name hacienda.

Designer Carpet

It is made with plush designer carpet giving your cat the most comfortable of relaxing places. It has been said to be very solid and sturdy. It is a well made quality product that will last for years to come. It’s not terribly big to be taking up a lot of space in the living room but also big enough to be very comfortable for your cat.

Comfortable Perch

Along with the enclosed condo on the bottom, there is a large carpeted perch on top for your cat to be able to look out a window or over the room. It also comes with a couple little cat toys for your cat to play with and work on their paw/eye coordination.

It does come needing assembly, which is the only downside. Make sure you have the appropriate tools to make putting it together easy. But it does comes with easy step-by-step instructions to make putting it together a cinch.

That Spanish feel

This unique cat condo will give your cat a comfortable place to sleep and relax while also giving your living area a boost in a little bit of Spanish culture. With it’s well made structure you will be able to enjoy it years to comes.

Click here to view the Kitty Cat Hacienda

 Molly Face Cat Hideaway

If you wanted unique, this is the cat condo for you. This creator has found a way to make a cat look alike cat condo in a way that really benefits the cat. It is a comfortable 29″H x 22″ W x 24″ L. It is big enough to give your cat a great resting place while still not taking up a ton of room.

Safest and Finest Materials

The safest and finest materials are made to make this a quality cat condo. Made with 4” solid untreated heart of pine form the core posts. 6” zinc lag bolts are great for keeping the whole structure together.

The strands of carpet are no longer that 6” long to make sure the fibers don’t get caught in their claws. No toxic glues are use either, making this an incredibly safe product for your cat.

Sisal rope is also a complimentary option for the legs of the cat. This would be perfect as scratching posts for your cat. It is made from quality rope and is the perfect height for your cat to stretch their back and paws.

Picking Your Colors

One thing you need to be aware of is that it is a little confusing when you are ordering your colors for this unique cat condo. You need to make sure you have each of the colors in accurately.

Also, you need to pick out not just a first color but a second color as well. But just take your time in choosing the colors and all will be fine. The fact that there are multiple colors to choose from is an great thing though.

Fully Assembled

It does come fully assembled so you don’t have to worry about getting those tools out and spending time putting it together. All you have worry about is opening the box, pulling the cat condo out, and watching your cat enjoy their new home.

If you are one that collects anything cat like, this would be a great unique cat condo for you. Even if you aren’t one that collect those types of things this would still be a great quality product that will give your cat years of use to enjoy. With a condo so unique you’ll be sure to have a conversation starter.

Click here to view the Molly Face Cat Hideaway

Ice Cream Truck Condo

Not only is this a very unique condo, but it also screams fun! What cat wouldn’t want to hop in this cozy little truck and take a long snooze. With it’s quality and color this is one condo that is sure to be a winner.

Quality and Colors

With it’s high quality products this product is one that will not only give you something cool to look at but also last you many years of fun. The carpet is a high quality 100% nylon. It comes in a long range of colors anywhere from bright red to lime green. Whatever fits your household scheme and taste will be an easy match for this condo.

The dimensions are 24″H x 44″W x 24″D and has 2 built in rooms, so lots of room for multiple cats. It comes with easy step by step instructions for simple assembly.

Custom and American Made

One thing to keep in mind is that since this is a custom made product you will have some wait time as they specially create your condo perfect just for you.

Also, this is an American made product for those of you that really have appreciation for that.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…. cat condo!

This is a very cool, very fun cat condo that has so much personality. This will surely be a conversation started for those get together you have at your home. With the beautiful handiwork and quality plush carpet it will be a standout in your home. All the cats will want to come to your house to play in your cat’s Ice Cream Truck Condo.

Click here to view the Ice Cream Truck Condo



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