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Best Cat Furniture for Large Cats

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Cat Trees for Large Cats

I have very large cats. They can easily push twenty pounds. No matter what I do I just can’t seem to get them to loose that indoor cat weight. But one things I do love about my cats is that with their large mass comes their large heart. They are constantly fighting over my lap trying to get my attention for loving. But when one wins over I want to make sure the one that has to wait their turn has a place she can go to call her own. There are several things I have to look for when buying cat furniture for large cats. I put together some of the best cat trees for large cats reviews to help you out.

Best Cat Furniture Reviews

Large base

These are very large animals that aren’t always they most graceful (if they are anything like my cats) so having a wide base on the bottom to make sure the whole thing doesn’t topple is really important.  I’ve heard of several circumstance where the first time a cat is caught unsteady on a piece of furniture, even just a tiny bit, will be the last time the cat trust that piece. It’s so unfortunate especially if it’s a really expensive piece. If you do find yourself in a pickle where, go ahead and put a sand bag on the bottom to help keep things stable.

Large Perch

Just like a wide bottom, it is important to have a large perch for your cat. Large cats are very long and don’t like to feeling that something is too small for them to really relax on.

U Shape Perch

If you aren’t able to find a perch large enough for your cat go ahead and try getting a u-shape perch. Cats really like that security knowing that they aren’t going to fall off. And as weird as it sounds, even if it is a short u-shape wall if makes the cat feel like no one will come up behind them to get them. You may think having cat furniture for heavy cats would be something that is tricky, but follow these simple keys and I’m sure you will be fine!

Sleepy Hollow Cat Gym

This beauty is a huge 82 inches tall with a 26×40 base. This base is excellent for stability on such a tall cat tower. You heavy cats should not have a problem prancing (ha, as much as a heavy cat can prance, right?) from level to level without feeling like they are going to tip over.

Best Cat Furniture for Fat Cats

Be sure to measure your ceiling before you purchase this product. It is pretty tall so you want to make sure it is going to fit in your home with ease. In addition to the sturdiness you also get the pleasure of having several platforms climbing up to the top. When your cat gets to the top he or she will be greeted with 3 different sisal rope roles perfect for stretching those back muscles and sharp claws. On top of those posts are those U-Shaped perches we talked about before making it the best cat condo for large cats.

Cat Tree For Large Cats

The whole gym itself is basically built around a cat condo, having 3 levels with the top level being the cat penthouse. So whether your cat likes to be closer to the ground or at the top to see it all this will be a great cat condo for large cats.

Best Quality Cat Gym

I feel like the well built quality of this cat gym should be reiterated. It has been said to be incredibly sturdy. Several previous buyers absolutely fell in love with this product claiming it to be the sturdiness cat gym they have ever bought. They have had it for years and it still looks brand new.

For Cats Only!

The biggest thing to be aware of is that although this cat gym would be perfect for large or heavy cats you want to make sure to use caution when it comes to other larger animals or humans climb in it. It is built for cat and their weight size, not so much 80 lbs of human. It is a sturdy piece, but everything has a breaking point. Having a heavier cat myself, I know the challenge it is to find something that will hold up long for the weight requirement. This is a great product and a good place to start when looking for something sturdy enough to handle our pounds and pounds of cat lovin’. You cat will certainly enjoy hanging out and not feeling like his size is getting in the way with this best cat condo for large cats.

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 Large Cat Pagoda Tree

Does your feline like scratching? Maybe on several different type of items? Well this is the gym for your cat. Between the plush carpet, the natural wood pole, and the cardboard post, your cat will have plenty of things to dig their claws into that don’t including your brand new sheer curtains. The cardboard post is replaceable so when your cat is finished with the first one, go ahead and pop in some more cardboard for some more fun!

The Best Scratching Post

The solid wood scratching post is all natural and is the closest a cat can get to being like those big cats. It gives your pet the feeling of going back to it’s outdoor ancestors. Be aware that the natural post may come with a crack in it. This by no means compromises the quality or durability of the product, but rather just confirms is natural life.

Penthouse Livin’

At the top of this tree is best cat condo for large cats. It had a larger opening and higher ceiling height. It gives even the largest cat room and space to move around. Also included are 2 different cat cradles, this not only makes it great product for larger cats but also for multiple cats as well. You have 5 different colors to choose from with this Pagoda Tree.

Each color is made with the same great plush carpet that will be cozy and warm even on the coldest days. If you have a cat that love to stay active but still loves to be able to relax in the same place this is definitely a product to consider.

But if they don’t particle enjoy using their claws and you are looking for something more of a cat bed, there are a couple other beds you may want to consider.

Best Cat Condo for Large Cats

This is a beautiful best cat condo for large cats with great quality makings. This has been a lifesaver for those needing another outlet for their cat’s stretching and scratching habits. Not only being a productive item, but also making it a very attractive item as well with it’s beautiful colors and structure.

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Coliseum Cradle

30 inches high, four solid wood posts, and with a wobble free 24×24 inch base makes this simpler and shorter cat cradle great for your feline. Using one word to define this product would be stable. This fits the largest of cat or maybe even perhaps 2 smaller cats. Not to mention the room underneath. Altogether there can be as much as 3 cats on this unit without them crowded each other!

Plush Carpet

The plush carpet that this cradle is made out of is soft and cat friendly. One of the best parts about the carpet is that it is available in 12 different colors. Colors vary from gray to burgundy. Also available is changing of the 2 or 4 of the legs into a sisal rope, which would be perfect for scratching for your cat.

Custom Made

It is custom made so be aware that there is some wait time for that. Along with that there is a little bit of assembly to keep in mind. These aren’t huge factor but if you are someone who is uncomfortable with tools you may want to have someone available at home to help you or I suggest buying a product already assembled.

This Coliseum Cradle is a great sturdy product and the best cat condo for large cats. It is purr-fect for setting right next to a window so that it allows your cat to watch the outside world. Or perhaps you are looking for something smaller to keep next to your bed or in the kitchen but didn’t want something that would take up a ton of room.

This cradle has the best of both worlds, satisfying the need for a place for your furbaby while not compromising valuable real estate making it the best cat tree for large cats.

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