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Best Cat Furniture for Multiple Cats


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Best Cat Furniture Reviews

Having multiple cats in the house can sometimes be a tricky thing. Cats themselves are widely known for being territorial. It makes it even more tricky when they are living under the same house.

Being a pet owner to several cats is very much like being a parent– making sure everyone is happy, healthy, and getting along just fine.

Cat Furniture for Multiple Cats

So when you have multiple cats in the house you surely understand by now that there is a very define pecking order. You want to make sure you have best cat furniture for multiple cats. It is one of the best ways for cat’s to understand that pecking order is something called vertical territory.

This means that cats define themselves by who claims the highest seat in the house. For awhile I couldn’t figure out why one cat would be on the top of the sofa and the other cat would be laying on the cushions. They were never at the same level and it was always the same cat above the other, not the other way around.

Unique Cat Furniture

This is where cat trees and furniture come into play. When you buy a cat tree or furniture make sure you can one when several perches pretty high up. That way the dominate cat in the house is understood. This actually will help reduce a lot of tension in the house if you have it. It makes it easy for cats to understand where the line is when there is that definite spot in the house that is claimed.

If you aren’t looking for cat trees to satisfy the need for vertical territory the best cat furniture for multiple cats would be getting a walkway for the wall. You do want to make it does have 2 entrances/exits. That way you don’t have one cat feeling threatened when the other cat is blocked the walkway.

There are a lot of options when it comes to cat furniture. A lot of very unique styles are created just for you cat’s style.

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Vertical Wall Mounted Kitty Gym

Did you love playing in forts when you were a kid? I did. I still do. I find myself drawn to cool liveable fort-like products. This would be one of those. This is a creative cat fort that has several different activities all in one place.

Creative Leveled Fort

It comes with an 18” and a 14” hammock. It’s perfect for lounging around and out of the way. The fabric made for this hammock is heavy and durable yet soft for your kitty.

There are also 2 shelves, one 12” and one 18”. Both of these shelves are made with round holes in there so that your cat can travel from level to level with ease. Each of these holes are lined with sisal rope. Not only does it add texture to this fort but your cat is also able to play with the rope to sharpening their claws. Function AND fashion in this sense!

There is a 30” ladder leading to the bottom shelve and hammock. It is super creative and made with fabric and wood steps throughout it. It will make the climb to the fort easy for your cat while also adding  a nice feature to your cat fort.

Choosing Colors

One of the best things about this fort is that you can pick from a variety of colors for the stain, fabric, and brackets. You have about 11 different colors to choose from with the stain– anywhere from purple to gray to even unfinished.

With the brackets there are 8 different finishes to choose from, the nickel would be one of my favorites. There are 10 different colors to choose from with the fabric, everyone is made with the same heavy duty, durable fabric.

It will be a little difficult to choose from so many colors, and since there are only a couple different colors shown on the ordering page it can be a little unnerving decided if you like your color combination. But don’t let this stop you from being creative! This is a very unique cat fort and as such even the most random of colors will be awesome. Don’t let it overwhelm you!

Because this is a custom made product, be sure to count for the days it will take to make your own personalize cat fort. On average it takes about 14-21 days not including shipping time. But that only means you are getting a quality, personalized product made just for you.

Relive your childhood!

Take yourself back to your childhood days with this cat fort! Live through your pets if you must in this awesome piece of cat furniture. It will be fun watching your cats move from level to level exploring and finding it’s perfect spot. Don’t deny your cats this much fun!

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Virgie Cat Gym

Looking to add some very tall color to your home? This would be a great place to start. This cat gym is 90inches of fun! With a 24×24 base you will never have to worry about it tipping either. It’s made such that stability is not sacrificed with height.

Lots to do!

It comes with 2 15inch round beds, both of these beds do have a short sides to them so that your cats can sleep with ease knowing that they will not fall off in the middle of a snooze.

On the very top is a enclosed cat house. It’s the perfect place for your cat to find. Especially if your cat love dark and cozy places.

Also, there is 2 cradles that are both 16inches long and a tunnel, your cats will have loads of fun jumping from tier to tier. This is a great product if you have multiple cats. They will be able to each do something without getting in each others way— unless that’s what they want.

Quality Cat Furniture

But the best thing is that only the finest materials are used to construct this cat gym. The posts are made of solid pine, so no cardboard or particle board to worry about. The 6inch zinc lag bolts are perfect for securing everything in place. You definitely won’t have to worry about anything falling apart when you have those in place. The carpet is made of 6 inch carpet fibers, and they are not looped so that your cats claws won’t get stuck. All three of these things make for an excellent product that will hold up for years to come.

Color, Color, Color

The colors available vary. You can choose to make everything the same color or alternate colors on the posts and parts. Also available is to add sisal rope on one of the posts to allow your cat to have a scratching post. A scratching post on this gym would be great to add so that your cat has a place to stretch their backs and claws.

Like our last product, choosing the colors can be a little overwhelming and might make you move on to another product, but definitely devote some time to create a unique color that fits your style and you will be happy!

This is another custom made product which asks to allow 7-14 business days to make plus shipping time.

This is a quality made cat gym that would be perfect for either one cat or several cats. It allows for lots of fun in lot in lots of room. It will also allow a lot of fun for you as well, watching your cats jump from level to level.

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Bigfoot Cat Tree

Make Sure You Measure

This gym is made of solid wood, none of the cheap stuff. You have the option to choose between a taller gym at 80inches or a shorter one at 70inches. Both are 26×22 in size otherwise. Just make sure you measure your living space to see if it is going to fit where you are going to want to fit it.

There are 7 levels with each level having a different activity. This is lounging pedestals, cat toys, 5 sisal rope poles, a ladder, and completing it all off with a penthouse at the top.

Castle or Smooth? Which Kind Are You?

You also are able to choose between the castle top and a smooth top for your penthouse. It’s just depending on your particular style, if you have a more sophisticated cat, or one that resembles itself with royalty. Whatever you decide I’m sure you it will be perfect!

Speaking of decisions to make, there are 7 different colors you get to choose from. There is your gray, sage, burgundy, and several more. Each color is complimented with an ivory touch.

Something to Think About

One thing to keep in mind, it is a heavy unit (which means quality!) and there is a short assembly process. But it’s been said from previous purchasers that it is very simple and quick to put together. It is definitely not something to worry over, but rather just something to be aware of.

This is an excellent piece that will surely grab anyone’s attention when they walk into you home. Many previous buyers loved this product raving about it’s quality and their cat’s love for their new gym. It’s gives an air of luxury while still having the benefit of having plenty to do to keep your cat’s attention.

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