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Unique Cat Furniture

You would be surprised how many different kinds of furniture there is for cats! I was quite surprised when I did my looking for my cats. It was overwhelming but also very fun— people are really creative with what they come up with and some really unique cat furniture.

But if you are like me, one of the biggest worries is spending a whole lot of money on something only to get it and your cat not enjoy it…. at all. I’ve been there, it can be very frustrating. And that’s why I want to help you out in this area. I want to help you with the best cat furniture reviews

Cats like to be the center of attention, though without being the complete center if you know what I mean. So while putting a piece of cat furniture in the spare bedroom may seem like good idea for the most part, cats aren’t usually totally thrilled with that idea.

Unique Cat Tree

So make sure that you pick a piece that you will like yourself because you will want to put it in an area that is most commonly used by all of you, cats and humans alike. It becomes part of your own furniture. That is the best part of having unique cat furniture, they have some really cool ideas!

I have seen some really cool products with hammocks, cat wall shelves, window perches, heck, I have even seen some cat walks that have gone from room to room. Talk about awesome! There are several great websites that I have great cat furniture ideas for their products and you are just so lucky to have stumbled upon the page that will give you the best reviews for those products.

But the question you are wondering is “how do I decide which type of product to get for my pet?”. I will discuss several different options for several different kinds of cats, from you older and snuggly cats to you active and young cats. It is very important for you as the buyer to decide on a product that will work best for your feline without having to worry about if they will use it or not.

And for your viewing pleasure, this article popped up just as I was writing my review. I sure love Buzzfeed articles, not only entertaining but also resourceful!

36 Pieces of Modern Pet….

Honolulu Cat Gym

Taste the wild! With 81 inches of playful fun your cat will be able to experience that jungle feel without being in the jungle. This gym is packed with feature from top to bottom without taking up valuable floor space. Throughout the whole gym is a beautiful mixture of color and activities that will surely give your cat a great play place.

The Wild Look

There is brown sisal rope on four posts covering more than half the gym. This makes it perfect for scratching and stretching. The faux leaves give an added jungle feeling without the mess. These leaves are wrapped around the posts giving a beautiful unique cat furniture.

In addition to that, there are 3 middle platforms. Two of those platforms are more bowl like to like stabilize a resting cat and not let them fall off. Also for your cat’s enjoyment is a swinging rope toy to help with that paw eye coordination.

Two Bedrooms

If those weren’t enough features for you there are not 1, but 2 bedrooms on this gym! One at the bottom and one at the very top taking on the form of a penthouse that even includes a platform on top of that! So whether your cat likes to stay close to the ground or climb to the very top– either of these rooms are cozy enough to snuggle up in.

Is This Gym Right For You?

Now for being 81inches there is a bit of concern for steadiness especially if you have very large cats. The simplest solution if that is a concern for you it to place it close to a wall to help keeping it stable. But if you don’t have small children that could potential climb on it or larger cat then this would still be an excellent gym to really consider.

The colors and features of this gym give it a very unique look. This unique cat furniture will surely bring a new flare to your home in a way more common cat trees can not. With so much to see and do it would be hard to pass on this gym hoping to find one with a more wild feel.

Click here to view the Honolulu Cat Gym

Three Level Cat Wall Bunker

Talk about unique cat furniture! For this best cat furniture review the creators of this wall bunker sure do have imagination when it comes to creating such a beautiful piece. They have a full line of unique items and I have actually reviewed a couple other ones on another page as well.

Levels of Fun

To start the description off, we have a very plush lounge chaise at the very top. It is beautiful made to be comfortable and cozy with a touch of luxury. Cat simply can not resist the soft touch this chaise gives. On the other side of the chaise is a round hole for traveling to the next level.

On the middle level we have 2 different hammocks made of sift bottom weight fabric. This fabric is soft yet durable and strong for even those heaviest of cats. In the middle of the 2 hammocks is a round hole that is perfect for traveling cats to and from each level.

Last we have the bottom level. This is more commonly referred to as the dining area for your cat. Available here are 2 small bowls for food so your cat can eat right here. So no longer will you have to worry about tripping over cat dishes filled with food and water (been there myself).

Unique Cat Furniture

Along with being a product will lots to do is the benefit of picking out multiple fabulous colors. You have the option of choosing from 8 different bracket finishes, 14 different stain colors, 10 different fabric colors, and 3 different plush colors. Get creative! This unique cat furniture deserves unique colors! Be sure to double check your work after you’ve clicked the colors you want.


Install Your Unique Cat Furniture

This is the only downside to this product. It does take a little bit of experience to put this piece on your wall. You will need a drill, screwdriver, and stud finder for this install. The unit is built to fit 16inch stud frames but if your wall is built differently you will need to go ahead and grab some drywall anchors. But don’t let that stop you from obtaining this beautiful piece. Call a friend over and make a night of it!

Don’t let this unit pass you by! It is a custom made unique set that is one of it’s kind. Your cat will enjoy lounging, eating, and adventuring from level to level.

Click here to view the Three Level Cat Wall Bunker

Katimajaro Kitty Gym

Loosely named after Mt. Kilamajaro, mountain is a great name to describe this cat gym– it is huge! It comes in 2 different sizes, 73 inches and 86 inches just depending on what size is your preference. And being 36 inches by 26 inches doesn’t exactly make it small around either.

Holds Up To 200 Pounds!

Because of it’s large size it gives the advantage of being a great gym to fit several cats or heavy cats or both! The tested weight threshold for this solid wood gym is at least 200lbs. This allows this gym to be quite the hangout for your cats.

Although it had a unique size it also has unique features as well. The beautiful vine design on the top condo area is available to add on to your purchase making it a beautiful addition to this unit. The colors also give it a wonderful feature as you are able to choose from seven different colors to compliment the standard ivory secondary color.

Unique Cat Furniture

There are at least 4 toys that come with the gym attached with sisal rope for your cat’s enjoyment. Another special choice you get to make is whether or not to have one 26 inch bed or two 17inch beds at the top. This makes it a great option if you only have one cat or would benefit from having 2 beds for multiple cat. Either way added height and adventure your cat will surely enjoy. The top picture has the view of the 2 beds and the bottom picture displays what the one bed looks like.

Also, you are able to see from the picture that there is sisal rope surrounding the bottom half of the gym. This is an excellent feature for your cats to be able to stretch their claws on this cat approved area versus your new curtains.

The Grand Staircase

One of my favorite features is the beautiful staircase that leads up to the second story condo. It gives a wonderful added uniqueness that not all cat gym’s have. This set of stairs is covered with the same plush carpet that runs throughout the entire gym.

The only downside to this gym is that because it is custom made the wait time for production is about 14-21 days. This does not include shipping time. But this is only a small wait time compared to all the years of enjoyment your cat will benefit from with such a beautiful and unique product.

This is a beautiful system and will add some much to your living area. It’s a great, huge, beautiful piece that just begs to be put on display for all to see. And better yet, you cat will have the time of their lives climbing and sleeping on this gorgeous gym.

Click here to view the Katimajaro Kitty Gym


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