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Best Quality Cat Trees

Best Quality Cat Trees

When I first started doing my research on the best quality cat trees I really had no clue how much thought and processing actually went into making the best cat tree reviews that people would WANT to read. But once I started digging around I realize “Hey, this stuff is *really* important to know!”. It has given me open eyes to see what to look for in buying cat accessories.

Now, we all know the saying ‘you get what you pay for’. And that is exactly true even when it comes to purchasing cat trees. You can have the best cat tree brands out there selling products, but if there aren’t following these simple guideline, you may find yourself a dud.

I’ve been there where I’ve bought something only to find out after I bought it just how awful the quality was! How could I miss these obvious signs! And how could I miss them!? So here are some things you are going to want to think about when it comes to really good quality trees, furniture, condos, etc. for your cat.


Take a lot at the carpet when you are looking for the best quality cat trees. You want to really make sure that the carpet is stapled down vs. glued. There is a lot of speculation on the toxicity of the glue that is used for wood. Having staples makes is not only a safer choice, but also a better quality one as well.

Also, nylon and Olefin carpet will hold up a lot better than a fleece or faux fur. Fleece or fur may be fun but consider how long you want it to look nice. For the best quality cat tree this is definitely something you are going to want.

Cat Tree Scratching Post

This is another huge bonus for cat trees. You combined both climbing AND a scratching post for you cat! Although most of the posts on the cat trees may come carpeted, which your cat still may use, some trees offer sisal rope in place of the carpet. Sisal rope is a favorite to cats and helps make their claws nice and healthy. A cat tree scratching post is a definite must.


make sure that they are using lag screws to hold the structure together. While nails may do an ok job, it’s really the thick lag screws that make it a quality structure. And again, stay away from glue. It really decreases the quality and actually help lead to breakage in the joints.

Solid Wood

This one is super important. This is probably the most important out of all of the things to look for. Solid wood really it was hits it home with quality. So many produces cuts corners for a cheaper product like cardboard or landscape posts (and let’s not take about the toxic formaldehyde usage).

Who can blame them when it’s close to 300% cheaper making cat trees for less. But unfortunately that’s not going to give you a quality standing cat tree, condo, or other furniture. Making cat trees for cheap doesn’t pay off in the end. If you really want the best quality cat tree you should be able to sit on it yourself without making the structure break or tip over easily.

These are the main couple things you are going to want to look for when purchasing the best cat tree. There are several other things to keep in mind as well, but we’ll talk about that in an upcoming article. So check back!

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I leave you with this adorable kitten video. Looks like he’s really enjoying his new home, so cute!

Two Tiered Cat Tree

Simple and satisfying. This beautiful 2 Tiered Cat Tree is perfect if you are looking for something that will fit in your home without taking over the room. It has exactly what your cat is looking for with the cat tree scratching post, lounge tunnel, and higher cradle perch.


The base is built on a sturdy 21×21 solid piece of wood. This is important for stability so that the tree doesn’t tip with being top heavy. This tree was build using only the finest materials. With untreated pine, 6” bolts, and carpet that has fibers no longer than 6” it gives your cat a very natural and peaceful getaway. And no need to be worried about glue or chemicals either it makes it one of the best quality cat trees.

The lounge tunnel and cradle perch is staggered to give your cat the opportunity to jump around the staggered tiers.


This product comes with several different options. There is a variety of colors to choose from. If you want to make sure the whole thing is one colors be sure to click the same color in every option when ordering.

Another option is having the taller post come covered in sisal rope versus carpet. This rope has been said to hold up with years of heavy use. The taller post is the perfect height for your cat to really stretch not only it’s claws but also it’s back muscles.


The ordering itself, making sure you choose the right options, can be a little confusing so be sure to pay special attention to that part of choosing your cat tree. But the end result will be beautiful. It comes fully assemble so need need to worry about getting those tools out when it arrives.

This is a great cat tree. It’s made with sturdy materials which makes it heavy enough for stability but also light enough to move around to clean. It will fit seamlessly in your home and will be a asset for your pet.

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One of a Kind Cat Tree

This beautiful 5ft 4in eco-friendly cat tree is option to consider if you are looking for something completely natural. This product is made by the same manufacturer as a cat tree I reviewed on my article Cat Trees for Small Places. It is the sister product being a little taller and with more feather critters.

Martha Stewart Cat Tree

Also, the One of a Kind Cat Tree has been featured on the Martha Stewart Show. So surely if it meets Martha’s standards it’s worth taking a consideration.

Red Cedar

This tree is made with Eastern Red Cedar, it has a wonderful scent that will ruminate throughout your whole home. It is a beautiful natural smell that only adds to the beauty of this product.

Using the sanded cedar wood is an excellent scratching post for cats. It rarely splinters like other woods. And it takes the cat back to their natural habit of using real trees as scratching posts. This makes it one of the best natural cat tree.

Basket and Critters

It comes with a nesting basket for the top of the cat tree. The basket itself may vary but it will always be at least 14” in diameter. Cat’s will love nesting high up while being able to look out the window or around the home.

The 3 little feather critters it comes with are perfect to help with your cat’s paw/eye coordination. Personally, my cats love playing with feathers so this is just perfect for them.

Eco-Friendly and Natural Cat Tree

Like previously stated, this is an eco-friendly cat tree which means that all the supplies used to make this tree is 100% natural. This makes it a great product if you have a love for anything all natural. There is no particle board, plywood, carpet, or adhesives. This is awesome if you are wanting a natural cat tree.

This tree is made to order and will take some time to create. So be aware that it will be 7-10 business days before the order is shipped to your home. This only gives personalization since it means no cat tree is the same. That in itself is priceless.

A Natural Society

Society has increasingly become more aware of the products in your home. Most people are going back to the bare bones when it comes to almost anything, this includes cat trees. It may not be for everyone, but if eco-friendly products is something that is your passion this would be an excellent product for you and your pet.

Even if you aren’t one that find themselves much pertaining to natural products, this product is beautiful and will surely add a simplicity yet elegance to your home.

Click here to view One of a Kind Cat Tree

Sky House Cat Tree

This 68in custom made cat tree would be a fun addition to your home and cat’s life. It has 3 solid wood posts. The tallest one holding the cat house. There are 3 different shelves depending on your cat’s height preference.


They offer 10 different colors to choose from to coordinate your specific taste and style. Some of the colors might actually vary slightly from the picture just because it’s always hard to get an accurate color reading.

There are also a couple different post covering options. You can either go with the standard carpet cover or change to a sisal rope to the front legs. Adding this rope will add years to your cat tree as well as giving your cat an option to scratch on something that made for scratching.

Catnip mice are also available to order with your cat tree. It’s just an added treat for your pet while also helping your cat become familiar with it’s new furniture.

Solid Wood Post

There is a concern about the tree being a little top heavy for larger cats but for the most part it’s just an observation. The center post is made of solid wood and not your usual tubing or pressed wood. The large 24×24 bottom offers a sturdy base for stability that travels throughout the entire cat tree making it wobble free. The tree itself supports over 100lbs. That is one way to tell it’s one of the best quality cat trees.

Best Quality Cat Trees

This is an awesome product if your cat like to be high up and out of sight. This also makes it one of the best cat trees for large cats. Your cat will love to snuggle high up to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It will be a fun addition to your living area. It’s been said you will rarely have to worry about your pet climbing high in place out of reach if you have this in your home.

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