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Cat Tree That Looks Like a Tree

Cat Tree That Looks Like a Tree

One of the things I have found when doing my research was that there is a lot of requests for realistic cat trees that are very similar to real life trees. I must say I do love the way these products look. Some of them are really cool looking! I just want to make sure I’m giving you the best cat tree review.

Actually I was just watching one of my family favorite movies the other

night on a very popular streaming movie site– Swiss Family Robinson. I mean how cool is that to live in a treehouse like that! Luckily for our cats they now get to live just that way! Come of these awesomely cool realistic cat trees come with hammocks, leaves, a food dish, and are even made with REAL bark.

Realistic Cat Tree

Real bark is also super handy if you have an outdoor cat that spends time inside. Tree bark is the ultimate cat tree scratching post, it brings your cat back to her true wild nature. As an added bonus it really gives that outdoor feel that cats love. In fact, you may find your cat inside a little more because of it.

Cat Tree That Looks Like a Tree

I really enjoyed researching this subject because there is so much creativity involved. I mean, you have cat trees that look like they could be in the Hobbit Shire they are so built out. Really, you could find anything to match your taste from the season of leaves you want to putting little doors on in the trunk.


But be aware, just because they may look like trees does not mean they can endure the outside climate. These specialty products do require a little more care when it comes to maintaining that special look. I was actually researching one realistic cat tree that had real trees branches used throughout it, so humidity was something to keep in mind when maintaining this realistic cat tree.

Plus, the beauty of it is that no two items are the same. Personalized, perfect for just you. In my opinion though, it’s totally worth it.

Lifelike Mature Large Cat Tree

This first cat tree that looks like a tree we will be reviewing is the one featured in the picture on the top right of the page. This cat tree is probably most high end tree I am reviewing. It is a beautiful custom, USA made tree that will surely give your home a beautiful touch.

Realistic Cat Tree

It is 7 feet high and made of real tree branches. The leaves are made of beautiful synthetic silk that add to that real tree look. The carpet is removable as to help with careful caring and cleaning.

There are 4 different level perches depending on your cat’s height preferences. The multiple perches also gives room if you have several cats in the home. Enough room for everyone!

Underneath the perches there is a beautiful wood made cat house for those cats that prefer to be closer to the ground but still in hiding.

Custom Cat Tree

Also available to add on is a beautiful medallion that you can customize to add your cat’s name on it. It is placed perfectly on the bottom center of the tree to show all it’s beauty.

A downside is that is does take 4-6 weeks to make not including delivery time. But that is because it is a custom made piece that adds an amazing personalized look to it.

Cat Tree for Multiple Cats

One thing you want to keep in mind is that this is the large realistic cat tree and perfect for multiple cats and large cats. If you only have one cat you may find another smaller tree that is more in your budget and doesn’t take up as much room. It’s a consideration when making such a large purchase. But if you do go for this tree it would be the best realistic cat tree for large cats as well as multiple cats.

Natural Cat Tree

It has been said that this beautiful tree brings out a cat natural outdoor instinct even if your cat has always been an indoor cat. This is a beautiful cat tree that looks like a tree and gives a real life flare to your living area. Your cats will love climbing this well made tree, hiding within the leaves spying on passerby’s. This cat tree review for this tree will for sure be a beautiful focal point of your home while receiving many compliments of it’s charm.

Click here to see the Lifelike Mature Large Cat Tree

Luxury Cat Tree- Round Base

This next cat tree measures about 5 feet high, is handmade, and is made to replicate a real live tree. This tree is built on a round 29 inch round base for better stabilization.


It comes with 3 perches– 27 inches, 18 inches, and 12 inches. All different sizes for your pet’s preferred style and size. These perches are cleverly hidden behind beautiful silk leaves to make for the most perfect hiding spot away from the noise of the home.

Swiveled Perches

The best thing about these perches is that they swivel around for to accommodate for your home and positioning of those tree itself. The carpets on the perches also are removable to help with care and cleaning. Be sure to take advantage of the easy cleaning ability as many cat furniture items are not quite as cleaning friendly.

One thing to be aware of is that it has been said that the leaves do comes off easily. So if you do have a cat that tends to be a little more destruction in his nature you may want to consider a realistic cat tree that is better suited for that personality. This is the only concern but I believe the benefits and beauty of this product far outweigh the cons.

Easy Assembly

When it comes to receiving your product (no long wait like the customized trees), be aware that it is shipped in 4 sections. It makes it easier to ship and has been found to be easier on the product as well. Don’t let the very minor assembly process scare you though, it has been said that it only take a few short minutes to put together.

Beautiful Realistic Cat Tree

This is a beautiful luxurious full natural cat tree that will surely inspire your cat’s outdoor creative instincts. It is a beautiful piece for any living room that gives an added natural looking element. Imagine the fun your cat will have adventuring into it’s own indoor tree wonderland on this beautiful cat tree.

Click here to view the Luxury Cat Tree

Seedling Like Cat Tree

This next cat tree that looks like a tree is much like the first tree we reviewed on this article. It is made from the same great manufactures. The major difference with this tree is it’s size. It is a smaller at about 3 feet for those of you that may like in an smaller home or apartment but still wanted that beautiful cat tree like this one.

USA Made Realistic Cat Tree

Much the the first tree this one is also handmade and custom for your perfection. Every tree is unique and handcrafted. It is USA made and each tree branch is real and put together with bolts to give that real tree look.

Along with the first tree, the medallion is also available to add on and customized with your pet’s name.

Several differences with this one aside from the size is the perch differences. Aside from the bottom base there is a 16×16 carpeted perch that perfect for any cat size.

The second perch is what we call a cradle perch. It’s a half circle and a great size for your cat to relax for those 16 hours of daily cat napping.

Cheap Realistic Cat Tree

Because of it’s smaller size you will also be able to save more in your pocketbook not only for the tree itself, but also with shipping as that is also cheaper. Keep in mind that this tree does come fully assembled for your convenience so you can just pull it out of the box, place as you wish, and enjoy.

Cat Tree that Looks Like a Tree

One thing to be aware of is that this cat tree is made with real branches. This makes it one of the best cat trees that looks like a cat tree. So it is good to be careful with the humidity level in your home depending on where you place it.

Over time the branch could start to curve depending the humidity. But this is just a small thing to keep in mind, in case you prefer to keep the original look of the tree in the way you received it.

Natural Cat Tree

This is a wonderful product to add to your living space. It is the perfect height for your cat to bird watch outside your window. This tree has been said to make even the most reclusive of cats come out of hiding to enjoy this beautiful well made and put together tree. It will not be a tree that will disappoint you or your lovely feline.

Click here to view more about the Seedling Like Cat Tree



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