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Cat Trees for Large Cats

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Cat Trees for Large Cats

There are several things to keep in mind when you are looking to purchase a cat trees for large cats.

Maine coons come to mind when I write this article. Such beautiful, large creatures that need a cat tree for Maine Coons. Something idea to their size and beauty.

Some of these are very important things as it can depend on whether or not your cat is going to be using the cat tree. There is nothing worse than spending the money to buy a large cat tree, making a place for it in your home and then finding out your cat doesn’t like it.

Then you are left wondering why.

So here’s what you can do to avoid having that issue.

5 Things to Remember When Buying Cat Trees for Large Cats

1. Wide Base

This is probably the most important thing when looking for cat trees for large cats. More often than not cat trees are pretty tall, sometimes even reaching from floor to ceiling. When you get a large cat on the top of those cat trees it may become top heavy. Therefore creating an unstable environment for your cat.

Most times cats can detect and unstable environment right away and will stay away from it entirely. This would make your cat tree completely useless.

But if you have a wide enough base to support the height of the cat tree, especially when a large climbing cat, then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

2. Durable

If you find a cat tree with a wide enough base the next step is to check for stability and durability. You want this cat tree to last you a long time. There are certain quality materials you want in order for your cat tree to last a long time. Most of the times these involve carpet vs. fabric, glue vs. staples, wood vs. particle board.

3. Large Platforms

Going hand in hand with the wide base, you additionally want to make sure that the perches, ledges, platforms are also big enough. It does your cat no good to have a tall cat tree if they are too big to climb and lay at the top.

Cats love to be high, so if they are always falling off a small ledge or perch you can bet that they will find another place that will better suit them.

4. Tall Scratching Posts

This is an optional feature, especially if you find your cat doesn’t really care for stretching or scratching posts. But if your cat does enjoy these, make sure you get one tall enough!

It does them no good to have a scratching post if they are too big to adequately stretching and release those claws.

5. Big Houses

Another option if you find your cat doesn’t necessarily prefer hideouts or houses. But if your cat is a big fan of them, do make sure it is big enough to hold them. Many cat trees offer hideouts on the cat tree, just make sure it’s going to be big enough.

Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree Condo Furniture

For our first cat trees for large cats we are looking at Go Pet Club. Now, Go Pet Club has been a staple in the cat tree industry for a long time. They have created many great products that are awesome for cat owners everywhere. And let me tell you, this cat tree for large cats is no different.

Coming in at 72” it’s one of the taller cat trees, but also one that has a lot of features. The wide base is exactly what we are looking for when it comes to cat trees for large cats.

The sisal rope poles are one of my favorite features. Literally every pole is covered in quality sisal rope which is ideal for cats looking to sharpen their claws or stretch their back.


  • 2 Stair Steps
  • Sisal Rope Poles on Every Pole
  • 3 Top Perches
  • Faux Fur Coverage
  • 2 Hideaways
  • Quality Wood Material

Pros: Quality built. Very tall with high perches.

Cons: It is quite tall, and because of that, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to place it against the wall for extra stability.

Large Cat Tree Reviews

This unique cat tree is great if you are looking for a large cat trees for large cats. Quality is seen throughout the entire tree. It’s soft and stable for our cats that are looking for an awesome new hide out.

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Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo

Our next review comes from Armarkat. This is another staple company in the cat tree business. Having been around a long time Armarkat knows exactly how to make great cat trees.

Anytime I see their cat tree pop up in Amazon it always has a ton of positive reviews.

I really like this cat trees for several reasons: 1. It’s very large 2. Lots of features 3. Available in several different styles and colors.

Yes, that’s right, 4 different styles and colors are available when you click the link below. Choose the one that will best fit your home decor, or don’t! But it’s always nice to have those options available to choose from.


  • Soft Hammock
  • Multi-Level Perches
  • Hideaway
  • 2 Cat Toys
  • Play Rope
  • Sisal Rope Poles

Pros: There is lots to do on this cat tree! Loving all the different features. Also loving the option for different styles and colors.

Cons: I’m not sure how wide the base is, but comparing it to the height of the cat tree it doesn’t look like stability will be a problem, especially if you place it next to a wall.

Cat Trees for Large Cats

This is another great cat tree that definitely deserves a close look at. It’s beautiful and has lots of features that are sure to keep your cat occupied as well having a great place to call their own.

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New Cat Condos Premier Large Cat Play Tree

This next cat tree for large cats is one of my favorites. I mean, look at it, it’s fantastic.  With the look of a real tree, but the comfort of pillow it will be hard for your cats to resist this.

The best part about this one is the quality. Made from solid wood and plush thick carpet not only will your cats enjoy being on this, but it will last for years to come as well.

While the entire product is covered in the same carpet, the trunk can double as a scratching post. Most cats have no problem having carpet as the material vs. rope.


  • Quality Plush Carpet
  • Solid Wood Material
  • Tree Like Look
  • Consists of 4 Vibrant Colors

Pros: Quality cat tree that can hold even the larger cats comfortably.

Cons: There isn’t too many perches or things to do on this cat tree, but if your cat is laid back and doesn’t care for those things, this is a great cat tree.

Cat Trees for Large Cats

This is a great cat tree for large cats because of its heavy base and wide perches. It’s been said that cats even up to 25 pounds have no trouble resting peacefully on it.

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Kitty Mansions Amazon Cat Tree

Here is your bonus large cat tree review! I just couldn’t pass up reviewing this magnificently awesome cat tree. This is a perfect cat tree for your jungle sized cat!

If you have yourself several large cats or perhaps playfully large cats, this is definitely  a cat tree to consider. With tons to do and play with, this will keep all your felines occupied.

I just love the colors and details this cat tree provides. Not only will it be fun for your cat, but it’ll be a great center piece for your home.


  • 2 Hideaways
  • 2 Hammocks
  • 2 Perches
  • Several Ledges
  • Ivy Covered Poles
  • Ladder
  • Cat Toy

Pros: Awesome details and features. Sure to keep those kitties active and playful all while giving them a comfortable place to rest as well.

Cons: This cat tree does come with a higher price tag, but if you have playful cats finding a great quality cat tree like this one is hard to pass up. In the long run it might save you money with not having to re-buy cat trees every few years.

Cat Trees for Large Cats

These days it’s hard to find a quality cat tree that will hold our larger cats. Especially if we have several large cats. We want to make sure they have enough room to play, but wanting it to last a long time. With this wood based cat tree, you won’t have to worry about it breaking down like the other cardboard based ones.

Give your cat a one of a kind cat tree that brings out the animal in them!

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