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Cat Trees for Small Places

Best Cat Tree for Small Apartment

When it comes have having pets in small places it can be a little ridiculous. The juggling of furniture can be a little crazy until you find a system. It may seem like having a pet at the time is a challenging decision, but it’s your pet, your baby, your child.

You love them and want them to be as comfortable as you are in your home. It may seem impossible to make it work, but it’s not. I’m here to tell you that.

Bigger is Not Always Better

There are several pieces of furniture for cats that are made to help owners that live in apartments or home with not a lot of square footage. Small is not always bad or limited, sometimes cats prefer a product that is not as big as one would think.

I will review items for you and get you measurements so you can make an informed decision for what will work best in your little place.

Vertical Advantage

One big thing  to take advantage of is unused space. And the best unused space is going to be high up. There are plenty of really cool products out there and serve this exact purpose and I will will them right to you.

But even if we are looking at a smaller cat tree, or condo, or any kind of furniture it is still important to treat that place as a retreat for you feline. Especially if you have kids or other pets, like dogs, it will do wonders for you cat to train the child or dog to not go near the cat’s home. Our cats need to feel safe and knowing that there one place is free from confrontation will do wonders for them.

And just in case you think you live in a tiny space, these cats know no different!


Mushroom Cat Tree

This first beautiful tree is a favorite from it’s buyer’s. It is assembled with a solid wood center post for stability and durability. It comes with 2 braces shelves for cat perching. The whole tree is beautifully carpeted with rich color that will surely leave you awed.

This series does comes in 2 different styles for you taste and size available in the home. There is about a $90 difference to also consider. But either style will be great depending on the needs of your home.


The supported base of this tree is undeniable. The quality making of this tree allows for about 100lb of loving feline. Whether you only have one large cat or several multiple cats, if you are looking for something small that will carry the weight this would be an excellent choice.

There is a 5 minute assembly that is to be considered if you are not comfortable with any type of tool. But it is a great product to take the time to put together because the finished product is perfection.

Catnip Mice

Another thing that is great with this product is that you have the opportunity to add a couple of catnip mice to your order. Catnip helps with a cat becoming familiar with a strange piece of furniture. It kinda just helps your cat along to become more comfortable with their new toy.

Your cat will just jumping and climbing all over this beautiful piece. And the richness in color is something that will only add color and texture to your already beautiful home.

Click Here to view the Mushroom Cat Tree

Lofty Cat Wall Mounted Cat Tree

This beautiful artisan crafted cat tree piece will surely be a topic of conversation in your home. It is beautifully made with high quality carpet in the the USA.

Cat Tree that Looks Like a Cat Tree

The wall mounted cat tree is great for having something your cats can play with without taking up valuable floor space. It is absolutely the best cat tree for apartments and smaller homes and especially lofts because of the high ceilings.

Vertical Orientation

The focus for this piece is vertical orientation, perfect for what we were talking about earlier in the article. There are several tiers available for your cat to really get the height he so desires.

An added benefits is that if you so happen to move, it folds up into an easier carry mode versus having this long 71” wall mount that you have carefully maneuver throughout an already hectic move.


Although there is no assembly required, you do need to be aware that the install can get a little tricky on this one. It is built having the standard 16” stud layout for easier install, but if you are unable to find stud in your wall to mount it on be sure to have a couple drywall anchors handy. This beautiful piece is worth the time making sure it is properly installed correctly on the wall.

Saving Space

Imagine in your own tiny little place, a place where you are tripping over everything because of it’s size. You have your best friend with you, your cat. But your cat is unable to have a place to call their own. This is a perfect solution that will give your cat the vertical high it needs without having anything on the floor for you to trip over. It is the best cat tree for small apartment.

Plus, if you are not a decorator and have trouble filling those empty walls with just *something* this will be the perfect piece. It’s beautiful AND it’s somewhere you cat can be comfortable and out of the way.

Click here to view the Lofty Cat Wall Mounted Cat Tree

One of a Kind Cedar Cat Tree

This beautifully crafted piece is another one that is uniquely hand made. It is assembled using all natural materials, it is 100% natural solid cedar, it does not contain any particle board, plywood, carpet, or adhesives.

Best Cat Tree Brands

I absolutely love the look of this tree because it is so natural and gives off a simple vibe for those that tend to be no-fuss. It should make for easy clean up because you don’t have to worry about cleaning carpets or allergens staying in the carpet.


Because it is custom made not all cat trees from this manufacturer will be the same. And that only adds to the beauty of this product. The wood that is used is to rich that it will leave and aroma that will fill your home with a wonderful natural smell that you very rarely get with cat trees.

Scratching Post

The wood itself is perfect for cat and their scratching abilities. Since it is a real cedar that is sanded down it does not splinter easily leaving your cat with splinters in places you’d rather not dig out. Thus, making it the perfect all natural scratching post.


It comes with a little feathered critter so your cat can enjoy batting it away. Also, on the top there is a basket that is 14” in diameter. The basket itself may vary since this is a made to order cat tree, but the size will never be less that 14”.

Because it is custom, be sure to count on the time it will take to create your beautiful tree. It may be longer than normal wait times, but it will leave you very satisfied with your purchase.

Since this cat tree is only 36” it does make it an ideal candidate for a smaller home. It’s no fuss feature is an added benefit for it being in a smaller place since you don’t have to worry about cleaning carpeted perches in a smaller bathroom and letting it dry.

This is be a beautiful addition to your home. It’s plain and simple, yet perfectly beautiful.

Click here to view the One of a Kind Cedar Cat Tree.



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