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Cheap Cat Tree


Cheap Cat Trees

Just because one may want to look into getting a cheaper cat tree does not mean they have to sacrifice quality to save a little money.

Often times those cheap cat trees are just as great in quality as some of the more expensive ones. The trick is to follow simple keys to make sure you are getting the best cheap cat tree and not just that’s cheaply made and breaks within a couple months.

No one loves spending good money on something and only have it break within the first couple days, weeks, months. So here are some key things to look out for to try to avoid those pesky cheaply made cat trees.

No Cardboard!

The biggest thing to look for is NO cardboard! Especially on the ledges and perches. This is critical if you have a larger cat and need something stable for them. Cardboard breaks down so quickly  and it may only take a couple times before it will start to sag and give way.


Generally, it’s better to use carpet to cover the cheap cat tree. But if you are looking for an inexpensive cat tree fabric is likely the alternative.  Fabric isn’t necessarily bad. But if you have a cat that likes to sharpen it’ claws on just about anything than you may want to stay away from fabric made cat trees.

But if your cat is declawed or isn’t attracted by fabric to scratch, then this is definitely an area you can save money and just go for the fabric vs. having to get carpet.

Best Cat Tree Brands

The name behind the cat tree will always tell you the true quality of the product. Customers are willing to spend a little more money on something that they know comes from a great name and great company. These company pride themselves on making quality products and most times will do just about anything to make sure their customers are satisfied.

So you are already one step ahead of the game by searching for reviews on cheap cat trees or the best cheap cat trees because you know that customer reviews will tell you the good and bad. And here at ReviewsForMeow we have done just that for you already. We have picked the best of the best so to help you cut down on your valuable time.

Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo

Finding the best cheap cat tree really could end up being quite a feat if you don’t know what to look for. Many times we are driven to “just pick one” and in the end we find out it was a bad choice. With Armarkat Cat tree reviews, you can bet this will be a good cat tree for the money you are spending.

There product is littered throughout the internet because of their quality and company name that stands tall. This best cat tree is no exception.

Made from quality pressed wood that will be great for cats up to 50 lbs. If your cat is a little heavier than that, you may want to take a look at cat trees for large cats since they are more specifically made for heavier cats.

The faux fur will do a great job keeping your cats warm, without the heavy duty material like carpet. Although carpet may end up lasting longer,  faux fur is a great alternative if you are looking for a cheap cat tree.


With sisal rope covering the posts, you get a joint cat tree scratching post feature! Keep those claws off your curtains buy getting them this cat tree instead.

Along with the sisal rope posts this cheap cat tree also comes with a hammock, a hideaway on the upper level, and several cat toys.

Cat Tree For the Money

If you are looking to save money from spending hundreds on a cat tree, this is a great alternative to the expensive ones. The quality of the company along with the great features speaks volumes. It makes this cheap cat tree one of the best purchases you’ve ever made.

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Premium Extra Large Cat Tree

Our next cheap cat tree comes from the BestPet Company. What really caught my eye about this cat tree was the fact that it was so highly rated— with over 800 reviews and the stars at 4.4. That is really an awesome thing when you are talking about trying t find a great product.

Quality Mixed with a Budget

Made with particle board and carpet, it mixes the quality with the lower priced items to create a great product that will work  well for years to comes. With features like multiple levels, sisal rope poles, toys, 2 hideaways, and step ladders it’s easy to see why this is a favorite cheap cat tree for many.

It has been said that it can be a little flimsy, especially for larger cats. But a super easy fix is placing it near a wall to help with support. Most times cat trees tend to be near a wall anyway, so this really shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Cheap Cat Tree Reviews

Many cat owners really loved this cat tree for multiple reasons; it’s cheap, but made with quality, the features are great, it’s fairly simple to assemble, and cats love it. You really can’t pass this one up if you are looking for the best cheap cat tree. It’s fits so many must-haves that you may really miss out on something great if you pass this one by.

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Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

Go Pet Club is a great company that has been around a while and offers great products. They have been superb in offering products that their costumers wants while still sticking within the budget of an average American consumer.

Rated as one of Amazon’s Top Seller in the Cat Tree industry, it’s easy for me to recommend this product because of the success it’s already had on Amazon.

Cat Tree Features

This is a nice simple cat tree with several features to keep your cat occupied. The stair ladder leads to the dark hideaway that is great for cats that like the dark. The posts are covered in sisal rope so they can use this instead of the furniture to sharpen their claws. On top of all that there is the cutest little cat toy to help keep them busy.

Cheap Cat Tree Reviews

Overall, this is the best cat tree for the money. It’s fits the budget in a great way without losing the quality of a great cat tree. It is a smaller, more simple cat tree which is perfect for one cat, but if you have multiple cats you might find a better cat tree here.

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