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Cat Trees Reviews

If you are like me you know that one of the biggest things that makes me happy is seeing my cat happy. And being happy is watching them play.

Cat trees give that opportunity to play while getting some healthy exercise at the same time. The scratching posts also give our felines to option to use that rather than our furniture, which is a huge must. Am I right?

Another huge factor that comes into play with the cat trees is that it creates a high up space for the cat to look over and see what us humans are doing. There are several days I come home from work and I can’t find my cat, Winter. That is until I open the fridge to grab a drink and her arm comes swooping down to greet me from on top of the fridge. Scares me to death!

A great feature for cat trees is that option to match with your current carpet. It’s so nice to have a classy and clean cat tree that doesn’t interfere with my home decor. It is definitely a huge selling point for me.

Much Love,

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