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Wooden Cat Tree

Wooden Cat Tree

Another reason for getting a wooden cat tree may be for allergies. Cat trees tend to become a huge breeding ground for cat hair and dander. If one is sensitive to a lot of those issues than getting a wooden cat tree may be a good alternative than getting a carpeted cat tree.

Contoure Modern Cat Tree Tower

First our first wooden cat tree we have the Contoure Modern Tower. Modern being the key word as it displays a unique and trendy look that is great for anyone looking for a wooden cat tree.If you are looking for something different, this may be the cat tree for you (and your cat).

Finished, or Not?

The locally grown birch wood used for this cat tree is beautiful and can either be used as is or become personalize with a little bit of paint or stain. I personally love the unfinished look, it is great for any decor throughout my home.

Coming in at 68” tall, your cat will enjoy 4 various carpeted heights throughout the entire cat tree.

There is concern for it being a little shaky, especially if you have larger cats, but that an easy fix and definitely still worth the purchase for the enjoyment your cats will be able to have lounging around on this wooden cat tree.

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 The Sebastian Modern Cat Tree

This next wooden cat tree is a beautiful, modern boxy style cat tree. If you find yourself trying to break the mold of usual cat trees, put your cat in this box instead!

Beautiful Box Style

With 6 different levels, 2 of them carpeted your cat can enjoy bouncing around from level to level in a stair step form.

Sisal scratching material is on the first level for those cat that love scratching or sharpening their claws.

On the 2nd level is a chubby hole that is great for those cave dwelling cats. The cooler, darker area is great for those cats that like to hide away in their quiet place.

Not only can this be used solely as a cat tree, but go ahead and add some of your own decorations for a personal touch. But be sure that your cat isn’t one that like  to knock things over, otherwise this may not be an option for you.

2 Beautiful Colors Available!

Available in 2 different colors so you can choose one that will work best for you in your home. I personally love the clean white look. It gives the crisp look that is already exemplified with the wooden cat tree.

This beautiful wooden cat tree is unique in the ways that no other cat trees are. It can double as a bookcase and really add character to your home without having a lot of different pieces of furniture to clutter.

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The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

Our next wooden cat tree is more like the typical cat trees we are used to seeing with its wider base and multiple levels each varying in size.

Wispy Tree Look

So if you are looking for a more usual cat tree, rather than a unique one, definitely take a look at this one. Its beautiful, almost wispy look give a classic and elegant look that would be a beautiful piece for any home.There is a sisal pad that is great for scratching, as well as limited amounts of matching brown Berber carpet that is attached with Velcro.

Hideaway Cushion

Within the hide away, located on the bottom level, there is a faux suede cushion for those cats that prefer an extra “plush” in their life.

This wooden cat tree is available in 2 different colors, although the prices do vary between the colors.

No More Issues!

It should be addressed that if you do read some reviews with quite a number of negative reviews, please keep in mind that there was a manufacturer defect in the 2011 batch. The defect has since been taken care of and should not affect the newer products.

This is a beautiful cat tree that has a lot of the gorgeous features regular cat trees have, but just within the wooden look. Your cat will be able to enjoy the benefits of a wooden tree while still having a couple of those regular cat tree benefits as well.

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Sauder Modular Modern Cat Tower

If you are on a budget, but was still really wanted a wooden cat tree, fear not! This is the cat tree for you! It has many of the awesome benefit that the wooden trees have, but not the more expensive price tag!

Quality Cat Tree

That doesn’t mean you have to skimp on quality either! If anything can be said about this cat tree it is how sturdy it is. With it’s wide base and A-frame look, you really won’t have to worry about it being top heavy for those larger cats.

Nesting Place

There are 2 different areas that are called “nesting places” specifically because they give your cat the opportunity to really enjoy lounging and sleeping. On of the levels, a memory foam cushion is set and with a removable cover for easy washing.
Along with the various levels for climbing there is sisal rope that is available throughout the tower that is great for those scratch times.

Quality Cat Tree

This is a great wooden cat tree that offers the modern looks without the modern price. The quality is second to none and the company really prides themselves on their products. That above all says a lot about how great this cat tree is.

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